Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy

Edited by Donald P. Cushman & Sarah Sanderson King

Subjects: Business Communication
Series: SUNY series in International Management
Paperback : 9780791450345, 269 pages, July 2001
Hardcover : 9780791450338, 269 pages, July 2001

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Table of contents

1. Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy: An Introduction
Donald P. Cushman and Sarah Sanderson King

2. Stimulating and Integrating the Development of Organizational Communication through High-Speed Management
Donald P. Cushman

3. Killer Strategies for Competitiveness: The Case at Microsoft
Donald P. Cushman and Sarah Sanderson King

4. High-Speed Management Strategies for Competitiveness: The E-land, a Korean Multinational
Yong-Chan Kim

5. Intersections between Crisis and Management: A Case Study
B. Thomas Florence and Branislav Kovacic

6. Excellence in Communication During a Crisis: The Case of Indian Point 3 Nuclear Power Plant
Joseph T. Pillittere II

7. R&D and Marketing Strategy for Cross-Cultural Cooperation: A Cross-Pacific Study between China and the U. S.
Yanan Ju

8. Strategies for Survival in the Global Marketplace: A Study of the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry
Robyn Johnston

9. Beyond Benchmarking Institutional Advancement: Jump-Start to Fund-raising Excellence/ Rod Miller

10. Intuition and Metacommunication Strategies in Times of Change
Ernest F. Martin Jr.

11. The Strategic Impact of Affect on Decision-Making
John Penhallurick

12. Training Strategies for Excellence: Selecting the Appropriate Models for the Specific Task
Susanne R. Morris and Robert C. Morris

13. Strategies of Leadership Excellence for Corporate Survival
Richard J. Dieker

14. A Summary and Conclusion to Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy
Donald P. Cushman and Sarah Sanderson King

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Essays on how organizations effectively communicate strategy to optimize performance.


Effectively communicating an organization's strategy is at the heart of achieving high performance. Organizational strategy manifests itself in different ways, employing differing tactics at the competitive, crisis, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, training, management, and leadership levels. This book explores each of these processes and provides case studies in the ways in which excellent organizations perform in each of these contexts. The essays focus on the what, when, where, and how aspects of excellence in communicating organizational strategy and explore effective practices in large organizations like Microsoft, medium-sized organizations like E-land, and small firms within the pharmaceutical industry.

Donald P. Cushman is CEO of The Cushman Group and Professor Emeritus of Communication, University at Albany, State University of New York. He is also the coeditor of the SUNY series, Human Communication Processes. Sarah Sanderson King is CFO of The Cushman Group and Professor Emerita of Communication at Central Connecticut State University. Together they have written many books, including Continuously Improving an Organization's Performance: High-Speed Management, also published by SUNY Press.


"This book links two topics—strategy and communication—in a quite powerful way. " — Jeffrey Katzer, coauthor of Evaluating Information: A Guide for Users of Social Science Research