Cosmos as Art Object

Studies in Plato's Timaeus and Other Dialogues

By Thomas M. Robinson

Subjects: Philosophy
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781586840754, 213 pages, January 2001

Explores various aspects of Plato’s cosmological writings.


Cosmos as Art Object consists of fifteen studies of various aspects of Plato's cosmological writings, published between 1979 and 2000, and is aimed at various readerships. Specialized pieces address such topics as the concepts of eternity, sempiternity and everlastingness, and the question of what is involved in claims that the universe could be said to have had a beginning in time that was the first point of time. Less specialized pieces, for a broader readership, include the essays "Plato, Einstein, and the Concept of Cosmological Imaginativeness," and "Aristotle, the Timaeus, and Contemporary Cosmology. " In addition to the topic of cosmology, the book discusses various features of Plato's theology, biology, political theory, and theory of gender-differentiation.