Diplomat of the Americas

A Biography of William I. Buchanan, 1852-1909

By Harold F. Peterson

Subjects: United States Foreign Policy
Paperback : 9781438434209, 474 pages, June 1977
Hardcover : 9780873953467, 474 pages, June 1977

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Table of contents



1. Diplomat of the Americas Prologue

2. Beginnings of Career and Family Ohio, 1852–1882

3. Crocks, Choruses, and Corn Palaces Iowa, 1882–1891

4. Homage to America's Discoverer Chicago, 1890–1894

5. Diplomat in the Making Argentina, 1894–1895

6. Diplomat in Action Argentina, 1894–1898

7. Diplomat's Routine Argentina, 1898–1899

8. Building a World Exposition Buffalo, 1899–1901

9. Homage to a Hemisphere Buffalo, 1901–1902

10. Promoting the Pan American Spirit Mexico, 1901–1902

11. Diplomat of American Business Europe and South America, 1902–1903

12. Nursemaid to an Infant Nation Panama, 1903–1904

13. Back to the World of Business England and Europe, 1904–1906

14. From Hemisphere Stage to World Arena Rio de Janeiro and The Hague, 1906–1907

15. Promoting Stability in Unstable Nations Central America, 1907–1909

16. Claims, Counter Claims, and Arbitration Venezuela, 1908–1909

17. Pioneer Good Neighbor Epilogue





Called “one of the three most successful envoys to South America during the nation’s first 150 years,” Buchanan served under four presidents.


"This readable biography will be of interest to a wide range of specialists, and it serves to demonstrate the shifting concerns of American diplomacy during the years of the Republic's initial outward thrust. " — Pacific Historical Review