United States Foreign Policy

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Vera and the Ambassador

A behind-the-scenes look at diplomacy and international relations in post-communist Eastern Europe.

The Bitter Taste of Hope

Essays that critically evaluate America's domestic and foreign policy landscape since President Obama took office.

Flash Points

A compelling, intimate account of how US foreign assistance in war zones and developing countries does not achieve its intended goals.

The Cold War's Last Battlefield

An engaging insider's account by a member of President Reagan's Central America policy team.

Hardened Images

By Asgede Hagos
Subjects: Area Studies

Examines the nature of the interplay between the U. S. press and the American state on Africa, with a special focus on its armed struggles waged to complete the decolonization process.

Korean-American Relations

Leading historians and Asian-specialists explore key aspects of United States-Korean relations.

The Clash with Distant Cultures

An analysis of the impact of cultural values on the use of force and negotiations in American foreign policy.

Economic Opportunities in Freer U. S. Trade with Canada

This book provides an overview of the recently implemented Canada-U. S. Free Trade Agreement and highlights its implications for manufacturing, engineering, and technological firms and for service industries. ...

Opportunities and Dangers of Soviet-Cuban Expansion

Combined with aggressive rhetoric and ideological hostility, the conventional approach to crisis resolution generates only military options and diminishes our prospects for less dangerous solutions. This ...

Congress and United States Foreign Policy

Edited by Michael Barnhart
Subjects: Politics And Law

This book directly explores congressional efforts to control the ability of the Chief Executive to use force. It examines the influence Congress has wielded over nuclear arms control, and reveals how Congress has operated to channel American military assistance, covert actions, and open warfare over the past forty years.

Diplomat of the Americas

Called “one of the three most successful envoys to South America during the nation’s first 150 years,” Buchanan served under four presidents.