SUNY series in Korean Studies

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Korean Religions in Relation

Examines Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity in Korea, focusing on their mutual accommodation, exclusion, conflict, and assimilation.


The first major exhibition in the United States of chaekgeori painting, including on view for the first time many screens from private collections and various Korean institutions.

The Dharma Master Chǒngsan of Won Buddhism

The first English translations of the writings of Chŏngsan (1900-62), who codified the central doctrines of Won Buddhism.

Makers of Modern Korean Buddhism

An overview of Korean Buddhism and its major figures in the modern period.

One Korean's Approach to Buddhism

Insights into the experience and philosophy of Buddhism from a Korean perspective.

Understanding Korean Politics

Presents an indispensable survey of contemporary Korean politics.


Argues that a syncretic worldview encouraged the remarkable growth of Christianity in Korea.

The Korean Language

An accessible, comprehensive source of information on the Korean language--its structure and history to its cultural and sociological setting.

The Sūtra of Perfect Enlightenment

Translated by A. Charles Muller
Introduction by A. Charles Muller
Subjects: Asian Studies
Series: SUNY series in Korean Studies

A concise guide to the key practice systems of the East Asian Meditational schools Ch'an, Son, and Zen.

Korean-American Relations

Leading historians and Asian-specialists explore key aspects of United States-Korean relations.

A Korean Nationalist Entrepreneur

During the period of Japanese domination, Kim Songsu emerged as one of Korea's leading cultural nationalists. This life history details his contribution to the self-strengthening programs moderate nationalists advocated as the foundation for Korea's independence.

Chŏng Yagyong

Describes the historical background and philosophy of the reform-minded, eighteenth-century Korean thinker, Chong Yagyong.

Christ and Caesar in Modern Korea

A well-documented work on the history of modern Korea focusing on the history of Christianity in relation to politics.

Big Business, Strong State

Focuses on the paradox of development in the newly industrializing country of South Korea.

The Korean Economy

Lee, former South Korean government Minister of Labor for the South Korean government, discusses the country's economic development from 1945-1994 and the public policies that shaped it, arguing that if South Korea is to become a major economic power, the government should withdraw from the economic front line.

The Korean Neo-Confucianism of Yi T'oegye and Yi Yulgok

This is a study of the most significant debate in Korean Neo-Confucianism between the two most eminent Neo-Confucian thinkers, summarizing their philosophies and providing refreshing insights into Confucian language and culture.

The Four-Seven Debate

This book is an annotated translation, with introduction and commentary, of the correspondence between Yi Hwang (T'oegye, 1500-1570) and Ki Taesung (Kobong, 1527-1572) and between Yi I (Yulgok, 1536-1584) ...