Vanguard for a New Society

By Lester W. Milbrath

Subjects: Social Change
Series: SUNY series in Environmental Public Policy
Paperback : 9780873958882, 180 pages, June 1985
Hardcover : 9780873958875, 180 pages, June 1985

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In a groundbreaking study, Lester Milbrath argues the need for a deep change in our belief structure. Environmentalists: Vanguard for a New Society describes a revolution in process. Basing his work on the views of modern environmentalists, Milbrath delineates a new social paradigm—a new understanding and revised values—to show how the world functions in a way different from what our institutions and culture presuppose. It is a book about our civilization, the human condition, and the quality of life.

Many of the ideas and much of the evidence in this volume are derived from a three-nation study of environmental beliefs and values. Teams of scholars in England, Germany, and the United States distributed questionnaires to the general public, and to public officials, business and labor leaders, and environmentalists. The answers to these questions are tabulated and the inferences are drawn in this timely study, which is certain to provoke controversy and a reconsideration of basic beliefs.

Professor of Political Science, Lester W. Milbrath is also director of the Environmental Studies Center at SUNY, Buffalo. He has published widely on politics and the environment and is the author of The Politics of Environmental Policy, Political Participation: How and Why Do People Get Involved in Politics, and The Washington Lobbyists.