Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II

Edited by John P. Anton & Anthony Preus

Subjects: Ancient Greek Philosophy
Paperback : 9780873956246, 541 pages, June 1984
Hardcover : 9780873956239, 541 pages, June 1984

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I. Pre-Socratics


John Ferguson

Xenophanes' Scepticism

James H. Lesher

Parmenides' Way of Truth and B16

Jackson P. Hershbell

"Nothing" as "Not-being": Some Literary Contexts that Bear on Plato

Alexander P. D. Mourelatos

Anaxagoras in Response to Parmenides

David J. Furley

Anaxagoras and Epicurus

Margaret E. Reesor

Form and Content in Gorgias' Helen and Palamedes: Phetoric, Philosophy, Inconsistency and Valid Argument in some Greek Thinkers

Arthur W. H. Adkins

Socrates and Prodicus in the Clouds

Z. Philip Ambrose

II. Plato

The Socratic Problem: Some Second Thoughts

Eric A. Havelock

Doctrine and Dramatic Dates of Plato's Dialogues

Robert S. Brumbaugh

The Tragic and Comic Poet of the Symposium

Diskin Clay

Charmides' First Definition: Sophrosyne as Quietness

L. A. Kosman

The Arguments in the Phaedo Concerning the Thesis That the Soul Is a Harmonia

C. C. W. Taylor

The Form of the Good in Plato's Republic

Gerasimos Santas

Logos in the Theaetetus and the Sophist

Edward M. Galligan

Episteme and Doxa : Some Reflections on Eleatic and Heraclitean Themes in Plato

Robert G. Turnbull

III. Aristotle

On the Antecedents of Aristotle's Bipartite Psychology

William W. Fortenbaugh

Heart and Soul in Aristotle

Theodore Tracy

Eidos as Norm in Aristotle's Biology

Anthony Preus

Intellectualism in Aristotle

David Keyt

Aristotle's Analysis of Change and Plato's Theory of Transcendent Ideas

Chung-Hwan Chen

The Fifth Element in Aristotle's De Philosophia : A Critical Reexamination

David E. Hahm

IV. Post-Aristotelian Philosophy

Problems in Epicurean Physics

David Konstan

Zeno and Stoic Consistency

John M. Rist

The Stoic Conception of Fate

Josiah B. Gould

Plotinus and Paranormal Phenomena

Richard T. Wallis

Metriopatheia and Apatheia : Some Reflections on a Controversy in Later Greek Ethics

John M. Dillon



Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Volume Two, reflects the refinements in scholarship and philosophical analysis that have impacted classical philosophy in recent years. It is a selection of the best papers presented at the annual meetings of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy during the last decade. The papers presented indicate a shift in accent from a predominant preference for the application of linguistic methods in the study of texts to a more intensified concern for contextual examinations of philosophical concepts. The works of both younger scholars and senior authors show a more liberal, yet controlled, use of historical and cultural elements in interpretation. The papers also reflect advances in scholarship in adjacent fields of Greek studies.

From pre-Socratic to post-Aristotelian philosophers, the papers in this volume are intended to stimulate interest in the major accomplishments of classical philosophers. This work augments its companion volume Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy.

John P. Anton is Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Florida. Anthony Preus is Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Binghamton.


"The essays are a genuine contribution to the field. They provide a number of fresh insights and uniformly have something intellectually important to say. " — Dr. Aldo Tassi, Loyola College in Maryland