Genealogical Pragmatism

Philosophy, Experience, and Community

By John J. Stuhr

Subjects: Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791435588, 300 pages, October 1997
Hardcover : 9780791435571, 300 pages, October 1997

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Table of contents



I.   Philosophy

1. The Humanities, Inc.

2.   Do American Philosophers Exist? Visions of American Philosophy and Culture

3.   Re-Visioning Philosophy and the Organization of Knowledges

4.   Pragmatism versus Fundamentalism

5.   The Idols of the Twilight: Pragmatism and Postmodernism

II.   Experience

6.   Rorty as Elvis: Dewey's Reconstruction of Metaphysics

7.   Experience and the Adoration of Matter: Santayana's Unnatural Naturalism

8.   Socrates and Radical Empiricism

9.   Chronophobia

10.   Taking Time Seriously

III. Community

11.   Theory, Practice, and Community in Peirce's Normative Science

12.   Bodies, Selves, and Individuals: Personalism and Pragmatism

13.   Education and the Cultural Frontier: Community, Identity, and Difference

14.   Community, Economic Growth, and Family Income: It's the Community, Stupid!

15.   Persons, Pluralism, and Death: Toward a Disillusioned Pragmatism



Drawing on the work of popular American writers, American philosophers, and Continental thinkers, this book provides a new interpretation of pragmatism and American philosophy.