Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Culture

Pragmatic Essays after Dewey

Edited by John J. Stuhr

Subjects: American Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791415306, 295 pages, August 1993
Hardcover : 9780791415290, 295 pages, August 1993

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1 American Philosophy, Socialism, and the Contradictions of Modernity

Thelma Z. Lavine

2 Democracy as Cooperative Inquiry

James Campbell

3 Democracy as a Way of Life

John. J. Stuhr

4 The Individual, the Community, and the Reconstruction of Values

Sandra B. Rosenthal

5. Dewey and Contemporary Moral Philosophy

James Gouinlock

6 Aristotle and Dewey on the Rat Race

John Lachs

7 Validating Women's Experiences Pragmatically

Charlene Haddock Seigfried

8 Heteronomous Freedom

Raymond D. Boisvert

9 Naturalizing Epistemology: Reconstructing Philosophy

Peter T. Manicas

10 Rationality and a Sense of Pragmatism: Preconditions for a New Method of Thinking

Igor N. Sidorov

11 Objects of Knowledge

H. S. Thayer

12 The Human Eros

Thomas A. Alexander

13. Liberal Irony and Social Reform

Larry A. Hickman

14 The Pragmatics of Deconstruction and the End of Metaphysics

R. W. Sleeper

15 Body-Mind and Subconsciousness: Tragedy in Dewey's Life and Work

Bruce Wilshire

16 Why Bother: Is Life Worth Living? Experience as Pedagogical

John J. McDermott



John J. Stuhr is Director of the Humanities Center and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oregon. He is the author of John Dewey, editor of Classical American Philosophy: Essential Readings and Interpretive Essays; and coeditor of Private Morals and Public Interest: Ethics in Government and Public Service; Morals and the Media: Information, Entertainment, and Manipulation; and Ethics and Free Enterprise: The Social Responsibility of Business.


"The book is timely and useful, for it brings together some of the best Dewey scholars and focuses on an issue not only at the center of Dewey's concern but also in need of the serious, sustained, and systematic attention it receives here. " — Vincent M. Colapietro, Fordham University

"This is a near uniformly excellent collection of essays, which does more than merely interpret classical American philosophy but brings that tradition to bear upon central, present-day, cultural issues in original and thoughtful ways. Those represented all are recognized leading interpreters of American philosophy. This is a book years overdue. " — Kenneth W. Stikkers, Seattle University

"This book brings together essays by most of the leading interpreters of Dewey and of American pragmatism. These authors are also very cognizant of the major issues in the contemporary philosophical as well as the cultural scene and they have been active in dialoging with the major contemporary philosophical and cultural movements. There are some exciting and truly useful and outstanding essays here. " — Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley, California State University, Bakersfield