The Logic of Value

By Marc M. Anderson

Subjects: Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, American Philosophy, Epistemology
Series: SUNY series in American Philosophy and Cultural Thought
Hardcover : 9781438475332, 524 pages, August 2019
Paperback : 9781438475349, 524 pages, July 2020

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Table of contents


by Randall Auxier

Part I. Mode of Expansive Exploration

1. Beginnings and the Hyperthematic Structures of Game and Narrative

2. Hyperthematic Structures of Dance and Music

3. Hyperthematic Expansion of Light and Color

4. The Hyperthematic Structure of Visual Arts
Part II. Mode of Expansive Reconstruction

5. Hyperthematization of the Corporation

6. Expansive Reconstruction of H5 to H15

7. Expansive Reconstruction of the Hyperthemes of Light and Color

8. Expansive Reconstruction of the Hyperthemes of the Visual Arts


Summary of the Hyperthemes

Appendix A Aesthetic Taste for Hyperthematics and Hume’s Notion of Taste
Appendix B Devaluation and Symmetric Consequence
Appendix C The Expansion of Currency
Appendix D The Relation of Royce’s System Sigma to Hyperthematics and the Origins of Dyadic Logic

Index of Proper Names
Index of Subjects

Presents a new and unique method for developing principles to be applied in creating and increasing value.


In this innovative work, Marc M. Anderson presents an account of value and value creation, which both defines value and introduces a method to manipulate value practically. Using this new methodology, Anderson first explores where value lies in experience, both human and otherwise, uncovering tendencies in human action and the natural world that create and destroy value. From that analysis, he generates practical principles to be applied in creating value in any region or discipline of human experience, at any scale, including corporate organization and product design, economics, the sciences, the arts, urban and architectural design, and sustainable development. He tests this methodology by focusing on the organization and production of commercial corporations in particular, suggesting ways to rethink and transform organization, product creation, and the contemporary currency system. He considers the implications for the many intersections of corporate production with human life, from urban planning, medicine, and food production to pornography, weaponry, and environmental engagement, with corresponding suggestions for transformation toward value. Throughout, Hyperthematics examines complexity, the nature of objects, the inevitable future intermingling of science and ethics, and assumptions driving the contemporary culture wars.

Marc M. Anderson received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Leuven in Belgium.