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A Mystical Journey of Prince Adam

By Adel S.
Subjects: General Interest

Philosophical Reflections

Heidegger asserts that
Being is Time and Time is Being.

Plato notes that
Time is a Moving Image of Eternity.

Nasir Khosrow states that something is
If "now the temporal present" ...

Mediterranean Perspectives

Edited by James E. Caraway
Subjects: Philosophy

Selected papers from the Dowling College Mediterranean Conference.


The autobiography of painter and Binghamton University professor Dr. Irving Zupnick, who served in Panama in World War II, then studied Art History at Columbia Teachers College in the 1950s.

Children of Athena

Edited by Douglas W. Shrader
Subjects: Philosophy

Presents select papers from the State University of New York College at Oneonta’s 1998 Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

Dialogue Between an Orthodox and a Barlaamite

Explores a fourteenth-century debate over man’s knowledge of God.

Commentary on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

Translations and commentaries on Greek philosophy.

Aristotle's Categories and Concerning Interpretation with Commentaries

Translated by Kenneth A. Telford
Introduction by Kenneth A. Telford
Commentaries by Kenneth A. Telford
Subjects: Philosophy

Aristotle’s Categories and Concerning Interpretation, translated and with commentary.

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

Translated by Kenneth A. Telford
Subjects: Philosophy

A translation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

Encounters with Quebec

Edited by Susan L. Rosenstreich
Subjects: Literature

Examines works of Québécois narrative fiction from a variety of perspectives.

Cross Reference Guide and Index

Examines how globalization, technology, community, gender, identity, family, and the environment will change over the next century.

Guide to the Bible

An accessible introduction to the Bible.

Question of Ethics in Our Time, The (with letters from Heidegger)

A proposal for individual responsibility in communal life.

Seeds of Wisdom

Edited by Douglas W. Shrader
Subjects: Philosophy

Select papers from Oneonta’s Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

Reflection on Whitehead's Philosophical Theology

Explores the philosophical theology of Alfred North Whitehead.

Thomas Aquinas's Earliest Treatment of the Divine Essence

Thomas Aquinas’s earliest major treatment of God’s simplicity.

Giovanni Rutini

Explores how Rutini’s experimental work in sonata-allegra formal procedures played a significant role in the history of music.

Neglected Aspects of American Poetry

Challenging the neglected aspects of American poetry.

Virtue, Order, Mind

Edited by Peter Vincent Amato
Subjects: Philosophy

Discusses the nature of philosophical rationality and modernity.

Non-Causal Theory of Justice in Rumi's Work

Presenting eleven of Soroush’s essays, available in English for the first time.