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Race, Ethnicity, and Place in a Changing America, Third Edition

Uses both historical and contemporary case studies to examine how race and ethnicity affect the places we live, work, and visit. .

Chinese through Song, Second Edition

An innovative approach to teaching Chinese language and culture, using folk and popular songs.

Poems of Wine and Tavern Romance

By Hafiz & Martin Bidney
Translated by Martin Bidney
Subjects: General Interest

A selection of poems by one of Islam’s greatest poetic voices.

The Cold War's Last Battlefield

An engaging insider's account by a member of President Reagan's Central America policy team.


Explores how we might think and live in the enchantment of the secular, modern world.

The Masorah to Targum Onqelos

A critical edition, with notes and commentary, of the ancient Aramaic translation of the Torah.

Biondo Flavio's Italia Illustrata

An English translation of Biondo Flavio’s Italia Illustrata, with commentary.

The Examined Life--Chinese Perspectives

Edited by Xinyan Jiang
Introduction by Xinyan Jiang
Foreword by Robert Cummings Neville
Subjects: Philosophy

A collection of essays on Chinese ethical traditions, including Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist ethics.

West-East Divan

By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Translated by Martin Bidney & Peter Anton von Arnim
Introduction by Martin Bidney
Commentaries by Martin Bidney
Subjects: Literature

Translations of Goethe’s poems about Arabia and Persia and his essays on Islamic culture.

Multicultural Geographies

Geographical perspectives on the changing patterns of race and ethnicity in the United States.

The African Diaspora in the United States and Canada at the Dawn of the 21st Century

Offers important new perspectives on the African Diaspora in North America.

Contending Nationalisms of Oromia and Ethiopia

By Asafa Jalata
Subjects: Area Studies

Applies the concept of oppressor and oppressed nationalisms to explore the historical forces and social processes that have shaped modern Ethiopia.


Re-calling time lost.

East-West Poetry

By Martin Bidney
Subjects: Literature

Poetry that responds to the Qur’an and to the tradition it created.

Justice and Law

Edited by Steven Scalet
Subjects: Politics And Law

A collection of essays on contemporary issues in justice and law.

Memory of Touch, For Love of the Other

By Tahseen Bea
Subjects: Literature

Creates contexts for the body to interpret and reinterpret its experiences of touch.

Social Philosophy and Our Changing Points of View

Edited by Steven Scalet
Subjects: Philosophy

Essays on contemporary issues in political philosophy.

Transitions and Consolidation of Democracy in Africa

Examines the transitions to democracy in Africa.

Progressive Illumination

Remarkable reflection on Cardinal Newman.

Being in the Pampas

Explores the question of being through readings of Parmenides’s Poem, Zeno’s paradoxes, and Plato’s Parmenides.

Companion to Dante's Divine Comedy

An in-depth companion guide to Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The Gift of Self

Explores themes of dispossession, shattering, and fragmentation that arise in contemporary writings from the point of view of the selves whose subjectivities and practices are said to be fragmented, shattered, and dispossessed.

The War and Peace of a New Metaphysical Perception, Volume III

A futuristic examination of metaphysical systems, responsibility, understanding, conceit, continuums, and history’s vector.

Probing in Islamic Philosophy

Analyzes major Muslim philosophers.

"Veil of Māyā, The"

Explores the interpretive problems, complexities, and legacies of Schopenhauer’s encounter with ancient India.