Haunted Children

Rethinking Medication of Common Psychological Disorders

By Arthur F. Roemmelt, M.D.

Subjects: Psychiatry
Series: SUNY series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology
Paperback : 9780791438862, 196 pages, August 1998
Hardcover : 9780791438855, 196 pages, August 1998

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Table of contents


1. Shadows

2. The Impossible Journey

3. Prometheus

4. The Bug

5. The Hole in the Blanket

6. You Deserve to Live Even Though Your Mom Doesn't Love You

7. Lost in a World without Fantasy

8. C-H-U-C-K

9. Dr. Roemmelt, Where Are You?

10. The Treatment of a Ten-Year-Old Boy with Multiple Personality Disorder

11. You're Right, Tim. You Don't Deserve to Live.

12. Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead

13. Mama's in the Kitchen Baking Bread

14. The Occult Society for the Resurrection of the Middle Phalanx

15. Along the Amygdala and Its Branches with Gun and Camera

16. PTSD, ADD, 1999

17. Titanium



Relating stories of his years as a child psychiatrist, the author argues that what essentially is troubling many children is better confronted in therapy rather than treated with medications.


In Haunted Children Arthur F. Roemmelt, M. D., relates stories of his years as a child psychiatrist, sharing the experiences of children with a variety of psychiatric disorders and emphasizing the intensive and creative relationship necessary for the children to develop in a healthy fashion. The author discusses the movement of psychiatry away from psychotherapy toward strategic interventions and pharmacology and the consequences of this transformation. He argues that, although the latter treatment is seen as more efficient and available, it can also promote certain maladies such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and child abuse. Roemmelt concludes that what essentially is troubling many children is better confronted in therapy rather than treated with medications.

Arthur F. Roemmelt, M. D., is a psychiatrist in Syracuse, New York, who has been in practice for more than two decades.


"Haunted Children is fascinating. The cases are brief but pointed. Roemmelt dances around the reader with just the sort of inventive variety and surprises that I imagine he would use in his therapy. The domain of child therapy is important enough, but the struggle over the therapeutic agenda and the correlated criteria for success is extremely important. Therapists, other professionals, clinical students and parents as well will find much they can admire and learn from in this informally written treasure chest. " — Richard D. Mann, author of The Light of Consciousness: Explorations in Transpersonal Psychology

"I was touched by this book and felt that I came to know the author and the children he described. The author's creativity, passion and compassion, his insistence upon finding the person of the child, and his open questioning of himself and his profession are compelling. " — John Sargent, M. D., Menninger Clinic