Hegel and His Critics

Philosophy in the Aftermath of Hegel

Edited by William Desmond

Subjects: Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Hegelian Studies
Paperback : 9780887066689, 254 pages, July 1988
Hardcover : 9780887066672, 254 pages, July 1988

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Table of contents

Introduction by William Desmond

I. Presidential Address

The Use and Abuse of Hegel by Nietzsche and Marx

George L. Kline

II. Hegel and the Problem of Difference:

A Critique of Dialectical Reflection

by Carl G. Vaught

Commentary by Ardis B. Collins

III. Hegel and Marx on the Human Individual

by Leslie A. Mulholland

IV. Hegel's Critique of Marx:

The Fetishism of Dialectics

by William Maker

V. Hegel's Philosophy of God in the Light of Kierkegaard's Criticisms

by Bernard Cullen

Commentary by Robert L. Perkins

VI. Hegel's Revenge on Russell:

The 'Is' of Identity versus the 'Is' of Predication

by Katharina Dulckeit

Commentary by John N. Findlay

VII. Hegel and Heidegger

by Robert R. Williams

Commentary by Eric von der Luft

VIII. Hegel, Derrida and Bataille's Laughter

by Joseph C. Flay

Commentary by Judith Butler

IX. A Hegelian Critique of Reflection

by David S. Stern

X. Is Hegel's Logic a Logic?

Analytical Criticism of Hegel's Logic in Recent German Philosophy

by Walter Zimmerli

XI. Husserl's Critique of Hegel

by Tom Rockmore

Commentary by David A. Duquette

XII. Hegel Versus the New Orthodoxy

by Richard Dien Winfield

Commentary by Drucilla Cornell



This book deals with fundamental problems in Hegel and with Hegel in relation to Kierkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, Russell, Heidegger, Husserl, Derrida, and Bataille. It reveals Hegel's power to provoke both critical and creative thought across the complete spectrum of philosophical questions.

William Desmond is the author of Art and the Absolute: A Study of Hegel's Aesthetics and is Chair of Philosophy at Loyola College, Baltimore.