SUNY series in Hegelian Studies

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Hegel's Theory of Imagination

A comprehensive account of the role of the imagination in Hegel's philosophy.

The Grounding of Positive Philosophy

The first English translation of Schelling’s final “existential system.”

Hegel and Language

The first anthology exclusively devoted to Hegel’s linguistic thought.

Hegel's Absolute

Offers suggestions for approaching Hegel’s most difficult and important work.

Denial, Negation, and the Forces of the Negative

A comprehensive account of denial viewed not only psychoanalytically but also philosophically.

Between Transcendence and Historicism

Argues that the concept of the ethical is central to Hegel’s philosophy of art.

Hegel and the Other

A new, highly accessible commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

Petrified Intelligence

A critical introduction to Hegel's metaphysics and philosophy of nature.

Hegel and Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Twenty-three of the most important writings by contemporary continental thinkers on the work of Hegel.

Love and Politics

Argues that love plays an essential—if often implicit—role in Hegel's mature theory of moral subjectivity and political community.

The Sunday of the Negative

A comprehensive philosophical introduction to the thought of Georges Bataille.

Hegel's History of Philosophy

Top scholars address Hegel’s History of Philosophy.

The Unconscious Abyss

The first extended treatment of Hegel’s theory of the unconscious and his anticipation of Freud.

Hegel and the Symbolic Mediation of Spirit

Employs Derrida's critique of Hegel as the impetus for a new understanding of Hegel's concept of "spirit."

Being and Dialectic

Diverse voices explore the possibility of doing metaphysics in light of contemporary critiques.

Hegel and Aesthetics

Leading scholars consider Hegel's philosophy of art and its contemporary significance.

The Weight of Finitude

Suggests that a full acceptance of the finitude of existence can lead to the affirmation of God.

Hegel's Phenomenology of Self-Consciousness

Presents a new translation with commentary of chapter IV (“Self-Consciousness”) of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.

Hegel and the Philosophy of Nature

Confirms that Hegel's philosophy of nature continues to have great significance for our understanding of the natural world.

Metaphysics to Metafictions

Examines the key role played by Nietzsche in the undoing of the Hegelian system of totality.

The Phenomenology of Spirit Reader

The most complete collection of essays on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit available in any language, with essays by distinguished international Hegel scholars.

Hegel's Transcendental Induction

Challenges the orthodox account of Hegelian phenomenology as hyper-rationalism, arguing that Hegel's insistence on the primacy of experience in the development of scientific knowledge amounts to a kind of empiricism, or inductive epistemology.

Tragedy and Comedy

The first evaluation and critique of Hegel's theory of tragedy and comedy, this book also develops an original theory of both genres.

Hegel, History, and Interpretation

Extends critical discussions of Hegel into contemporary debates about the nature of interpretation and theories of philosophical hermeneutics.

Schelling and the End of Idealism

This comprehensive, general introduction to Schelling's philosophy shows that it was Schelling who set the agenda for German idealism and defined the term of its characteristic problems.