Hegel and Aesthetics

Edited by William Maker

Subjects: Aesthetics
Series: SUNY series in Hegelian Studies
Paperback : 9780791445525, 236 pages, May 2000
Hardcover : 9780791445518, 236 pages, May 2000

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Table of contents

William Maker

Art and the Absolute Revisited: The Neglect of Hegel's Aesthetics
William Desmond

Hegel's Concept of the Dissolution of Art
Carl Rapp

Hegel's Aesthetic and the Possibility of Art Criticism
Brian K. Etter

Art As a Mode of Thought: Hegel's Aesthetics and the Origins of Modernism
Jere Surber

Presidential Address: Hegel and the Art of Painting
Stephen Houlgate

The Spirit of Gravity: Architecture and Externality
David Kolb

The Challenge of Architecture to Hegel's Aesthetics
Richard Dien Winfield

Hegel and the Spirit of Comedy: Der Geist der stets verneint
Stephen C. Law

Squaring the Romantic Circle: Hegel's Critique of Schlegel's Theories of Art
Judith Norman

Modernity and the Crisis of Aesthetic Representation in Hegel's Early Writings
Martin Gammon

Aesthetic Education and the Aesthetic State: Hegel's Response to Schiller
Andrew G. Fiala

The Logic of Art: Beauty and Nature
Edward Halper

About the Contributors


Leading scholars consider Hegel's philosophy of art and its contemporary significance.


Hegel's Lectures on Aesthetics present a systematic and historical overview of the nature and development of art in light of its meaning and philosophical significance. This book considers Hegel's aesthetics from a variety of perspectives. With a strong and clear introduction by William Maker, the individual essays address Hegel's treatment of music, painting, comedy, and architecture, as well as his earlier writings on art, his relations to Schiller and to Schlegel, his treatment of romanticism, the place of aesthetics in the system, and his controversial claims about the overcoming of art. Several perspectives focus specifically on the contemporary relevance of Hegel's aesthetics in light of developments in art since his time, and especially in connection with modernism, postmodernism, and deconstruction.

Contributors include William Desmond, Brian K. Etter, Andrew G. Fiala, Martin Gammon, Edward Halper, Stephen Houlgate, David Kolb, Stephen C. Law, Judith Norman, Carl Rapp, Jere Surber, and Richard D. Winfield.

William Maker is Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department at Clemson University. He is the author of Philosophy without Foundations: Rethinking Hegel, also published by SUNY Press, and editor of Hegel on Economics and Freedom.


"…challenging and informative … very useful for faculty and graduate students of philosophy and art … William Maker provides a useful introductory essay to the conceptual and systemic foundations of Hegel's philosophy of art. " — CHOICE

"This book fills a glaring void, both in Hegel scholarship and, equally important, in contemporary discussions of aesthetics. The contributors make the case that Hegel's philosophy of art has something important to contribute to contemporary debates and that it has been unjustly ignored. " — Katharina Dulckeit, Butler University

"Hegel and Aesthetics makes a serious contribution to the re-evaluation of Hegel's philosophy of art and its contemporary significance. The essays provide readers unfamiliar with the work of leading figures a good introduction to their work, demonstrate the vitality of Hegel's thought for the work of scholars who may not typically be identified as Hegel scholars, and provide representative examples of current work by younger scholars who clearly see the value of engaging themselves with Hegel's philosophy of art. " — Jon Mark Mikkelsen, Missouri Western State College