Hegel's Quest For Certainty

By Joseph C. Flay

Subjects: Hegel
Series: SUNY series in Hegelian Studies
Paperback : 9780873958783, 460 pages, June 1985
Hardcover : 9780873958776, 460 pages, June 1985

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Table of contents


I The Phenomenology and the Quest for Certainty

II Sense-certainty and Philosophy

III Interest as Intentionality

IV Interest as Desire

V Interest as Purpose: Observation

VI Interest as Purpose: Action

VII Interest as Reflection: True Spirit

VIII Interest as Reflection: Culture

IX Interest as Reflection: Morality

X Interest as Reflection: Absolute Spirit

XI The Absolute Standpoint: A Critique





In a major contribution to Hegel scholarship, Professor Flay has written two books in one. The first is a close and original reading of the Phenomenology of Spirit and the second, an invaluable source book containing a bibliography (more than 450 titles) and footnotes which discuss in detail the secondary resource material.

Joseph C. Flay is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University.


"Although there are many valuable commentaries on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, this one breaks new ground: it is systematic; it exhibits sound and deep understanding of this monumental and notoriously difficult work and of Hegel's philosophy in general; it takes sensitive critical account of the secondary literature, and it considers the Phenomenology as a whole, not just certain of its parts or themes as many of the other commentaries do. The extensive and detailed footnotes present a judicious and informed assessment and critique of the major commentaries in English, French, and German. " — George L. Kline

"This is a well-organized and well-written work. Hegel's Quest for Certainty is the evident product of many year's reflection and research. In a clear and incisive manner, Flay treats a difficult issue which is of central importance to Hegel. This study is certain to generate productive controversy. " — Lawrence S. Stepelevich