Heidegger and Rhetoric

Edited by Daniel M. Gross & Ansgar Kemmann

Subjects: Phenomenology
Series: SUNY series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791465523, 201 pages, June 2006
Hardcover : 9780791465516, 201 pages, September 2005

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Being-Moved: The Pathos of Heidegger's Rhetorical Ontology
Daniel M. Gross

2. Heidegger as Rhetor: Hans-Georg Gadamer Interviewed by Ansgar Kemmann
(Translated by Lawrence Kennedy Schmidt)

3. Hermeneutic Phenomenology as Philology
Mark Michalski
(Translated by Jamey Findling)

4. A Matter of the Heart: Epideictic Rhetoric and Heidegger's Call of Conscience
Michael J. Hyde

5. Alltäglichkeit, Timefulness, in the Heideggerian Program
Nancy S. Struever

6. Rhetorical Protopolitics in Heidegger and Arendt
Theodore Kisiel

7. Heidegger's Restricted Conception of Rhetoric
Otto Pöggeler
(Translated by John Bailiff)

Selected Bibliography: Heidegger and Rhetoric
(Compiled by Ansgar Kemmann)

Leading scholars address Heidegger’s 1924 lecture course, “Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy. ”


Featuring essays by renowned scholars Michael J. Hyde, Theodore Kisiel, Mark Michalski, Otto Pöggeler, and Nancy S. Struever, this book provides the definitive treatment of Martin Heidegger's 1924 lecture course, "Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy. " A deep and original interview with philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer, who attended the lecture course, is also included. Conducted over the course of three years, just prior to his death in 2002, the interview is Gadamer's last major philosophical statement. By carefully considering this lecture course in the context of Heidegger's life and work, the contributors compel us to reconsider the history and theory of rhetoric, as well as the history of twentieth-century continental philosophy.

Daniel M. Gross is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric at The University of Iowa. Ansgar Kemmann is Project Manager of the German Federal Contest "Jugend Debattiert" ("Youth Debate") at the Hertie Foundation.