Home Is Somewhere Else

Autobiography in Two Voices

By Desider Furst & Lilian R. Furst

Subjects: Holocaust Studies
Series: SUNY series, The Margins of Literature
Paperback : 9780791419700, 264 pages, July 1994
Hardcover : 9780791419694, 264 pages, July 1994

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Table of contents

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Preface (LRF)

Introduction (DF)

Coming to Vienna (DF)

Vienna (LRF)

Flight from Vienna (DF)

Cologne (LRF)

Cologne (DF)

Brussels (LRF)

Brussels (DF)

London (LRF)

London (DF)

Chertsey (LRF)

Isle of Man (DF)

Bedford (LRF)

Bedford (DF)

Manchester (LRF)

Manchester (DF)

The Silent Third Person

And They Lived Happily Ever After (LRF)

As My Father Used to Say (DF)



Following the Nazi annexation of Austria in March of 1938, Desider Furst, his wife, and his daughter suddenly found themselves hunted outlaws, holders of a German passport branded with a red "J" for Jewish. They escaped from Vienna and eventually settled in England, where they spent the war years as "enemy aliens. " In 1971 they emigrated once more, this time voluntarily, to the United States. Home is Somewhere Else is a dual-voice, autobiographical narration by father and daughter, recounting the family's displacements, obstacles, and repeated reversals.

The experiences documented here are typical of many Central Europeans whose lives were radically and painfully affected by the Nazis. This book's originality lies in its narrative format and its revelation of what befell the "lucky" ones merely on the margins of the Holocaust.

Desider Furst, M. D., died in 1985. Lilian R. Furst is Marcel Bataillon Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


"It is a valuable testimonial to the Furst family—to that generation of European refugees, to persistence, endurance, and survival under conditions of hardship and discouragement—and a reminder that we must try not to become victims of despair. " — Walter A. Strauss, Case Western Reserve University