In the Hamptons Too

Further Encounters with Farmers, Fishermen, Artists, Billionaires, and Celebrities

By Dan Rattiner
Foreword by Alec Baldwin

Subjects: General Interest, New York/regional, Popular Culture, Autobiography, Biography And Memoir
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Hardcover : 9781438432632, 406 pages, May 2010

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Table of contents

Foreword by Alec Baldwin
Richard T. Gilmartin
Taxi Wars
Victor Syzmanski
Betty Friedan
Norman Mailer
William Power Maloney Sr.
The Free Life
Don Clause
Steven Spielberg
Clifford Irving (and Howard Hughes)
Evan Frankel
Florence Palmer
Ralph George
Albert Einstein
Barry Trupin
Lance Gumbs
Norman Jaffe
Marilyn Dunn
The Montauk Project
Major Bill Cruickshank
Alan Lomax
Alger Hiss
Martha Stewart
Kurt Vonnegut
Michael Forbes
Jack Whitaker
President Bill Clinton
Eleanor Leonard
Demis Gnatiuck

Tales of the sometimes rich, sometimes famous, but always quirky residents of one of America’s best-known summer colonies, as told by the editor and publisher of Dan’s Papers, the area’s free weekly newspaper.


As the editor and publisher of Dan's Papers, the area's popular free newspaper, Dan Rattiner has been living in and covering the Hamptons for over fifty years, and has watched it change from a sleepy backwater of fishing villages and potato farms to a playground for the rich and famous. In this follow-up to his popular book In the Hamptons, Rattiner continues to regale us with tales of the people who live, work, and play in one of America's best-known summer colonies, ranging from colorful locals like former East Hampton Town Supervisor Richard T. Gilmartin and marine patrol policeman Ralph George, to more well-known figures like Kurt Vonnegut, Betty Friedan, Alger Hiss, and Martha Stewart. Sometimes amused, sometimes appalled, but always observant, Rattiner tells these stories of the Hamptons as only he can tell them: with dry wit, unassuming language, and as keen an awareness of his own quirks and foibles as he is those of his fellow human beings.

Dan Rattiner is an award-winning writer and the editor and publisher of Dan's Papers, the free newspaper he founded in 1960 when he was twenty years old. He is the author of In the Hamptons: My Fifty Years with Farmers, Fishermen, Artists, Billionaires, and Celebrities. He lives on Long Island, New York.