Listening, Playing, Creating

Essays on the Power of Sound

By Carolyn Bereznak Kenny

Subjects: Educational Psychology
Paperback : 9780791422861, 316 pages, February 1995
Hardcover : 9780791422854, 316 pages, February 1995

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Introduction to Part One


1. The Silent Source
John Marcus

2. The Unbidden Song
Frances Smith Goldberg

3. Entering the World of Tones
David Marcus

4. The Power of Sound and Music in Therapy and Healing
Barbara Hesser

5. On Sound, Music, Listening, and Music Therapy
Dorit Amir

6. Unsound Medicine
Lisa Summer

7. The Power of Silence in Music Therapy
Gillian Stephens Langdon

8. Listening: A Sacred Act
Nancy McMaster


9. Floors of Music
Joanne Crandall

10. The Almost Unappreciated, Nearly Ignored Power of Sound—and Its Abuse
Christopher Tree

11. Sound Wave Mirror
Michael Fles

12. Improvisation as a Liminal Experience: Jazz and Music Therapy as Modern "Rites de Passage"
Even Ruud

13. Sound and Meaning
David Burrows

14. Close Encounters of the Musical Kind
Paul Lauzon

15. The Sound Image: Music Therapy in the Treatment of the Abused Child
Connie Isenberg-Grzeda

16. Singing Practices and States of Consciousness
Penelope Nichols-Rothe


17. Meetings with the Unsounded Voice
Peter O'Loughlin

18. Modes of Consciousness in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): A Therapist's Experience of the Guiding Process
Kenneth E. Bruscia

19. Death and Rebirth Experiences in Music and Music Therapy
Benedikte Scheiby

20. Candomblé: Afro-Brazilian Ritual as Therapy
Joseph J. Moreno

21. An Aesthetic Foundation of Clinical Theory: An Underlying Basis of Creative Music Therapy
Kenneth Aigen

22. My Funeral Music
Jeremy J. Shapiro

23. The Listener: Dreaming the Soundscape with Howard Broomfield
Robin Ridington and Jillian Ridington

24. The PowWow
Carolyn Bereznak Kenny


Introduction to Part Five

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This is a book on the therapeutic quality of music. Musicians, philosophers, music therapists, and others discuss their experiences.


This interdisciplinary work is a tapestry of thought generated by music therapists, scholars, and performers in related fields such as anthropology, philosophy, music composition/performance, psychology, and musicology. It is woven together by the editor through a description of the process of interdisciplinary engagement, a personal description of her relationship with each author, and a final statement on the power of sound. The book is organized around the themes of listening, playing, and creating—essential processes in the work of music as therapy.

Carolyn Kenny is a member of the core faculty at the Graduate Psychology Program at Antioch University. She is a certified music therapist with the American Association for Music Therapy and an accredited music therapist with the Canadian Association for Music Therapy.


"I like the book's immense variety of well articulated statements with regard to musical experience—the opportunity to enter into intelligent, sensitive personal viewpoints that are rarely or never expressed. I enjoy the mixture of poetic, imaginative thinking with a more analytical treatment of the subject, and with thoughtful discussion based on extensive experience in music therapy. It is like being present in a stimulating, enjoyable convocation of friends and colleagues. It is fascinating, informative, provocative, poignant, and enriching. " — Clive Robbins DMM, Co-Director, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Clinic, New York University