By Frederick Bauman

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337787, 65 pages, December 2014

Poems that explore our place in the cosmos.


Mandalas contains twenty-seven poems exploring man's place in the living world. Each poem is brilliantly illustrated by line drawings by Genie Wright, bringing a visual dimension to the poems.

Frederick Bauman is the author of Song of Myself and Other Poems, Enneagrammatic Improvisations, and Feral Idylls.


"I know of no contemporary poet who is more grounded in a poetics of the metaphysical than Frederick Bauman. He is obviously a poet of great erudition with a deep sense of the traditions of poetry, ranging from the archaic and classical poetries to such 'modern' poets as Walt Whitman or Basil Bunting. His sense and awareness of nature in all its grand sweep from the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos inform his poetics, which might also be a poetics of the body both corporal and spiritual. " — from the Preface by Ivan Argüelles

A sample stanza from the poem "Snowy Owl":

And the snowy owl calls forth within us / The questioning that can keep us on edge / Which is the only place where we are / Alive to the present which is the dance / Of past and future through each fiber of / Our bodies which are – temporarily – / Repositories of eternity