Morphology Now

Edited by Mark Aronoff

Subjects: Linguistics
Series: SUNY series in Linguistics
Paperback : 9780791408162, 240 pages, February 1992
Hardcover : 9780791408155, 240 pages, February 1992

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Table of contents

Mark Aronoff

Stems in Latin Verbal Morphology
Mark Aronoff

Bracketing Paradoxes in Manipuri
Shobhana L. Chelliah

Derivation in Syntax
Frank Drijkoningen

Grammaticization Theory and Heads in Morphology
Martin Haspelmath

Categorical Morphology and the Valency of Nouns
Jack Hoeksema

Some Concepts in Ahtna Athabaskan Word Formation
James Kari

A Nonconfigurational Approach to Morphology
Renate Raffelsiefen

The Role of Internal Syntax in the Historical Morphology of Eskimo
Willem J. de Reuse

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Several distinct general linguistic theories are represented here: autolexical theory, categorial grammar, functional grammar, and government and binding syntax. Each essay in this book is centered around a point of morphological theory and each one is designed to further the development of that theory and hence linguistic theory in general. Many different languages are analyzed: Sino-Tibetan Manipuri, Eskimo Central Siberian Upik, Athabaskan Ahtna, Latin, modern European languages, and English. All of these sometimes dramatically different language systems are treated as manifestations of a single unified human language faculty, and these studies of generative morphology are incorporated into linguistic theory and the explanation of diversity in human language.

Mark Aronoff is Professor in the Department of Linguistics at State University of New York at Stony Brook.


"The book concerns a topic that has received increasing attention in the last decade and that is of increasing importance to the two other basic fields of linguistic theory, syntax and phonology. It touches on phenomena in familiar languages such as English, Dutch, and Latin, and in unfamiliar ones such as Ahtna and Eskimo." — Rochelle Lieber, University of New Hampshire