New York State Government, Second Edition

By Robert B. Ward

Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930912168, 631 pages, December 2006
Hardcover : 9781930912151, 631 pages, December 2006

Table of contents

1. A Broad Impact
2. Reform: Is This the Time?
3. The Upstate Challenge
4. The Governor and Other Statewide Elected Leaders
5. The Legislature
6. The Judiciary
7. The Constitution
8. Appointed Officials, Administrative Law, and the Bureaucracy
9. The Work force
10. State Government’s Biggest Job: The Budget
11. State Debt and Public Authorities
12. Health and Mental Hygiene
13. Education
14. Transportation and Economic Development
15. Labor and Family Assistance
16. Public Protection
17. Environment and Parks
18. The 3,166 Local Governments: History and Structure
19. The State-Local Paradox: Home Rule and State Mandates
20. The People’s Government
Appendix A — Federalism: What Is the Role of State Governments?
Appendix B — A Legislative Case Study: Domestic Relations Law

An expanded and updated edition of the 2002 book that has become required reading for policymakers, students, and active citizens.


Robert B. Ward's New York State Government has been expanded and updated to provide a more thorough grounding in the state Constitution, the three branches of government in Albany, and the broad scope of state activities and services. Accessibly written, this book sheds new light on why and how New York State government changes over time in response to motivated leaders and the will of the people. The second edition includes new analyses of the following issues: the balance of budget powers between the Governor and the Legislature; state education funding in light of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court cases; government reform issues in the state; and the often contentious relationship between Albany and local governments throughout the state.

Robert B. Ward is Director of Research at the Public Policy Institute of New York State.