Nooks and Corners of Old New York

By Charles Hemstreet
By (artist) E.C. Peixotto
Afterword by Ken Bloom

Subjects: New York/regional, General Interest, American History
Series: Excelsior Editions, New York Classics
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Paperback : 9781438494999, 154 pages, October 2023
Hardcover : 9781438495002, 154 pages, October 2023

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Table of contents

Introductory Note
List of Illustrations

Fort Amsterdam
Bowling Green
The Battery
Castle Garden
State Street
The “Stadhuis”
Petticoat Lane
Broad Street
Fraunces Tavern
Pearl Street
The First City Hall
First Printing Press in the Colony
Fire of 1835
Stone Street
Flat and Barrack Hill
Wall Street
Federal Hall
Where Alexander Hamilton Lived
Tontine Coffee House
Meal Market
Middle Dutch Church
Pie Woman’s Lane
The Maiden’s Lane
The Jack-Knife
Golden Hill
John Street Church
John Street Theatre
Shakespeare Tavern
First Clinton Hall
St. George’s Church
Barnum’s Museum
Original Park Theatre
First Brick Presbyterian Church
Where Leisler Was Hanged
Tammany Hall
A Liberty Pole
City Hall Park
Potter’s Field In City Hall Park
Third City Hall
Governor’s Room
First Savings Bank
Fences of City Hall Park
Office of Aaron Burr
An Historic Window
The Tombs Prison
The Collect
The Five Points
Mulberry Bend Slum
An Ancient Church
Chatham Square
Bouwerie Lane
Kissing Bridge
Tea Water Pump
Home of Charlotte Temple
Bull’s Head Tavern
First Bowery Theatre
Washington’s Home on Cherry Hill

The Origin of Broadway
The First Graveyard
The First House Built
Tin Pot Alley
Trinity Churchyard
Annetje Jans’s Farm
Oldest Grave In Trinity Churchyard
Grave of Charlotte Temple
Martyrs’ Monument
A Churchyard Cryptograph
Alexander Hamilton’s Tomb
Last Friend of Aaron Burr
Tomb of Capt. James Lawrence
Cresap, the Indian Fighter
Where Gov. De Lancey Was Buried
Home of the De Lanceys
Washington Market
St. Paul’s Chapel
The Washington Pew in St. Paul’s
The Actor Cooke’s Grave
Astor House
A House of Other Days
The Road to Greenwich
St. Peter’s Church
Columbia College
Chapel Place
Bowling Green Garden and First Vauxhall
A. T. Stewart’s Store
First Sewing Machine
Masonic Hall
New York Hospital
Riley’s Fifth Ward Hotel
St. John’s Church
The Red Fort
Lispenard’s Meadows
Cows on Broadway
Canal Street
Original Olympic Theatre
Greenwich Village
Sir Peter Warren
Evolution of Greenwich Streets
Duane Street Church
Richmond Hill
Burr’s Pond
St. John’s Burying Ground
Bedford Street Church
Where Thomas Paine Lived and Died
Admiral Warren and His Family
State Prison
Convict Labor
Quaint Houses in Wiehawken Street
Bank Street
Washington Square
Obelisk Lane
Graveyard In a Side Street
Milligan’s Lane
Union Road
First Presbyterian Church
Society Library
Great Kiln Road
Weavers’ Row
Graveyard Behind a Store
Love Lane
Chelsea Village
London Terrace

Oliver Street Baptist Church
Madison Street
Where Nathan Hale Was Hanged
First Tenement House
Manhattan Island
Bone Alley
“Mother” Mandelbaum
Allen Street Memorial Church
Mile Stone On the Bowery
St. Patrick’s Church
An Unsolved Crime
Niblo’s Garden
Tripler Hall
First Marble-Fronted Houses
Burdell Murder
Marble Cemetery
The Second Marble Cemetery
Bouwerie Village
Grave of Peter Stuyvesant
First Sunday School
Bowery Village Church
Second Vauxhall Garden
Cooper Union
Astor Place
Scene of Forrest-Macready Riots
Clinton Hall
Lafayette Place
La Grange Terrace
Sailors’ Snug Harbor
Grace Church
Wallack’s Theatre
Union Square
Academy of Music
St. George’s Church
Gramercy Park
Madison Square
Arsenal in Madison Square
House of Refuge
Post Road
Fifth Avenue Hotel
College of City of New York
Old House of Refuge Wall
Bellevue Hospital
Bull’s Head Village
Peter Cooper’s House
Little Church Around the Corner
Lich Gate
Brick Presbyterian Church
Bryant Park
A World’s Fair
Murray Hill
Turtle Bay
The Elgin Garden
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Four Mile Stone
Beekman House
An Old Shot Tower
The De Voor Farm
Central Park

Ken Bloom

A detailed, historic guide to the rich physical history of New York City, from its founding by Dutch settlers to the turn of the twentieth century.


Nooks and Corners of Old New York celebrates the people, places, and events that shaped New York City's history. The author—a newspaper reporter and novelist who wrote extensively on New York's early history—paints a vivid picture of several centuries of stories, scandals, and celebrations. While the history may be old, its appeal is not dated; any fan of contemporary city lore will be fascinated by the many echoes that can be discovered by learning more about the city's colorful past. Whether an armchair traveler or someone retracing the author's steps, the reader will enjoy imagining a city that still featured sheep meadows, fresh streams, and verdant hills. And, surprisingly, many of the landmarks highlighted in this text remain on their original sites, testimony to the fact that the ever-changing city still has a history to be appreciated. Read selectively as you roam the streets or from first to last page in the comfort of your favorite chair, Nooks and Corners of Old New York will entertain and inform you about New York's rich story.

Charles Hemstreet (1866–1940) was an American author and journalist. He is the author of Literary New York: Its Landmarks and Associations and When New York Was Young, among many books.