Opening Spaces

Critical Pedagogy and Resistance Theory in Composition

By Joe Marshall Hardin

Subjects: Critical Pedagogy
Paperback : 9780791449042, 126 pages, February 2001
Hardcover : 9780791449035, 126 pages, March 2001

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Table of contents



1. English Studies, Aestheticism, and the Art-Culture System

2. Reproduction and Resistance

3. Ethics and the Writing Class

4. Subjects and Power

5. Resistance, Emancipation, and Hybridity


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Examines the relationship between instruction and academic culture in the college writing classroom.


Calling for an empowerment of student authority and a realization of the constraints placed on critical teachers in the current educational climate, Opening Spaces proposes a new way to theorize critical work in the writing classroom recognizing the importance and materiality of student writing and employing current ideas drawn from postcolonial theory, cultural studies, and postmodern social theory.

Joe Marshall Hardin is Assistant Professor and Director of Writing at Northwestern State University.


"This book is an important history of the political strand of composition studies as it has developed in response to the mandate to acculturate students into academic and business cultures. Professor Hardin covers an impressive theoretical terrain; no one else has traced this history with the care and comprehensive vision nor so ably and originally reinterpreted the meaning and value of teaching for critical resistance in composition. Like the best theory in composition and rhetoric, this book should lead to better pedagogy, better teaching." — C. Mark Hurlbert, coeditor of Composition and Resistance