Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy

Edited by D. P. Chattopadhyaya, Lester Embree, and Jitendranath Mohanty

Subjects: India And South Asian Studies
Paperback : 9781438436586, 384 pages, May 2011
Hardcover : 9780791406625, 384 pages, November 1992

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Table of contents

My First Trip to India: A Personal Introduction
Lester Embree

Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy: The Concept of Rationality
J. N. Mohanty

Husserl and Indian Thought
Karl Schuhmann

Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy
Sibajuban Bhattacharyya

Advaita Vedanta on the Problem of Enworlded Subjectivity
R. Balasubramanian

An Indian Interaction with Phenomenology: Perspectives on the Philosophy of K. C. Bhattacharyya
Kalyan Kumar Bagchi

Phenomenology and Philosophy of History
David Carr

Freedom, Interpretation and Meaning in Human Sciences
D. P. Chattopadhyaya

Husserlian Foundations of Sartre's Treatment of Time Consciousness
V. C. Thomas

Analysis of I-Consciousness in the Transcendental Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy
Anindita Niyogi Balslev

Phenomenology and the Transcendent: Which Way Does One Transcend?
Paulos Mar Gregorios

The Paradox of Subjectivity and the Idea of Ultimate Grounding in Husserl and Heidegger
Thomas M. Seebohm

Experiment as Fulfilment of Theory
Patrick A. Heelan

'Merleau-Ponty's Thesis of the Primacy of Perception and the Meaning of Scientific Objectivity'
John J. Compton

The World as the Ontological Project of Man
Ramakant Sinari

Technology as Cultural Instrument
Don Ihde

Nature and Life World: Towards a Hermeneutics of Nature
R. Sundara Rajan

Unity and Plurality of Cultures in the Perspectives of Edmund Husserl and Ernst Cassirier
Ernst Wolfgang Orth

Human Scientific Propositions
Lester Embree

Phenomenology of Human Relations: Some Reflections
S. P. Banerjee

Object, Objective Phenomenon and Objectivating Act According to the 'Vijnaptimatratasiddhi' of Xuanzang (600-664)
Iso Kern

Last Philosophy: Ideas for a Transcendental Phenomentological Metaphysics--Eugen Fink with Edmund Husserl, 1928-38
Ronald Bruzina

Hermeneutics in Indian Philosophy
Krishna Roy

Reading the Rigveda: A Phenomenological Essay
J. L. Mehta

Speech and Writing in Heidegger's Philosophy
S. Ijsseling

Towards a Hermeneutic of Centrality in Indian Art
Margaret Chatterjee

Reflections on Papers
D. P. Chattopadhyaya



Addresses not only the basic theme of phenomenology, but its aesthetic, social, psychological, scientific, and technological aspects as well.


This book shows the close relation between the phenomenology of the West and the phenomenological approach taken by Indian thinkers, both classical and modern. It illustrates that the underlying spirit of phenomenology and hermeneutics has been consciously followed by Indian philosophers for centuries and is not peculiar to Western thinkers. It also shows that Edmund Husserl and K. C. Bhattacharyya were aware of these parallel trends of thought.

Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy addresses not only the basic theme of phenomenology, but its aesthetic, social, psychological, scientific, and technological aspects as well.

D. P. Chattopadhyaya is Chairman of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, India. Lester Embree is William F. Deitrich Eminent Scholar in Philosophy and President of the Center of Advanced Research in Phenomenology at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. Jitendranath Mohanty is Professor of Philosophy at Temple University.