Philosophical Perspectives on Punishment, Second Edition

Edited by Gertrude Ezorsky

Subjects: Philosophy, Philosophy Of Law, Corrections, Criminology, Philosophy Of The Social Sciences
Paperback : 9781438458564, 462 pages, July 2016
Hardcover : 9781438458557, 462 pages, December 2015

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Table of contents

The Ethics of Punishment
Gertrude Ezorsky

1. Concepts of Punishment

Of Punishments and Rewards
Thomas Hobbes

On Punishment
A. M. Quinton

Is Punishment Retributive?
Kurt Baier

The Expressive Function of Punishment
Joel Feinberg

2. The Justification of Punishment

Teleological Theories

Punishment as Cure

Hegel’s Theory of Punishment
J. E. McTaggart

Utility and Punishment
Jeremy Bentham

Punishment and the Individual
H. Rashdall

A Utilitarian Reply to Dr. McCloskey
T. L. S. Sprigge

Rule Utilitarianism (I)
John Austin

Rule Utilitarianism (II)
John Rawls

Rule Utilitarianism (III)
Richard Brandt

Justice and Punishment
Immanuel Kant

Punishment as a Right
G. W. F. Hegel

The Vulgar Notion of Responsibility
F. H. Bradley

An Organic Unity
G. E. Moore

Persons and Punishment
Herbert Morris

A Non-Utilitarian Approach to Punishment
H. J. McCloskey

Teleological Retributivism

Whether Vengeance is Lawful
St. Thomas Aquinas

The Right to Punish
K. G. Armstrong

On “Retributivism”
A. C. Ewing

D. Daiches Raphael

Principles of Punishment
H. L. A. Hart
J. D. Mabbott

3. The Death Penalty

The Deterrent Value of Capital Punishment
Royal Commission

Speech Against Capital Punishment 1868
Hon. Mr. Gilpin

Speech in Favor of Capital Punishment 1868
John Stuart Mill

Negative Presentation Address
Clarence Darrow

The Death Penalty Once More
Ernest Van den Haag

4. Groups Punished

Blacks and Hispanics
Michelle Alexander

Blacks and Hispanics
Michael Tonry

Women in Prison
Correctional Association

Poor More Likely to be Punished for Same Crime?
Jeffrey Reiman and Paul Leighton

5. Prison Labor

Prison Labor
Rania Khalek

Slaves of the State
Paul Wright

6. Solitary Confinement

Teens in Solitary Confinement
Human Rights Watch

Supermax Security Prisons are Inhumane
Sasha Abramsky

7. Possible Alternatives to Punishment

Bernard Shaw

Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited
Samuel Butler

Punishment and Society
Karl Marx

The Holdup Man
Clarence Darrow

Roads to Freedom
Bertrand Russell

Is Punishment Necessary
Jackson Toby

Critique of Psychiatric Approach to Crime and Correction
Michael Hakeem


Historical and contemporary philosophical writings on punishment.


Bringing together classic and contemporary texts, this collection considers general philosophical concepts about and justifications for punishment, along with particular issues such as the death penalty and possible alternatives to punishment. New to the second edition are sections on prison labor, solitary confinement, and issues relating to the punishment of people of color, women, and the poor. Drawing from philosophy, law, literature, and activism, Gertrude Ezorsky provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the philosophical issues underlying and growing out of punishment.

Gertrude Ezorsky is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Brooklyn College, City University of New York and the CUNY Graduate Center. Her books include Moral Rights in the Workplace, also published by SUNY Press.