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Civilization and Barbarism

Challenges the established corrections paradigm and argues for replacing mass incarceration with a viable and more humane alternative.

Philosophical Perspectives on Punishment, Second Edition

Edited by Gertrude Ezorsky
Subjects: Philosophy

Historical and contemporary philosophical writings on punishment.

Doing Justice in the People's Court

Presents research findings on city courts and their processing of misdemeanors, illuminating the conditions under which bias is maximized and minimized in the lower courts.

Preparing Convicts for Law-Abiding Lives

This analysis of corrections' pioneer Richard A. McGee draws upon his many lucid writings, on comments by those who worked closely with him, and on interviews with McGee himself and others. This book ...

An Introduction to the Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency

By David Musick
Subjects: Criminology

This basic overview of juvenile delinquency in the United States emphasizes the connection between delinquency and other problems faced by "at risk" children in America.

Harm in American Penology

This book analyzes the sources and results of the fourfold increase in the U. S. correctional population since 1970. It considers the following themes: the value of punitiveness, defined as penal harm; ...

Juvenile Correctional Reform

This book addresses the divergent reform agendas that have shaped American juvenile justice systems during the last two decades. Testing and extending the theory of social reform developed by Ohlin, et ...

Campaigns Against Corporal Punishment

By Myra C. Glenn
Subjects: Criminology

Campaigns against Corporal Punishment explores the theory and practice of punishment in Antebellum America from a broad, comparative perspective. It probes the concerns underlying the naval, prison, domestic, ...