Political Liberalism

Variations on a Theme

Edited by Shaun P. Young

Subjects: Political Philosophy, Intellectual History
Paperback : 9780791461761, 201 pages, March 2017
Hardcover : 9780791461754, 201 pages, August 2004

Table of contents

Rainer Forst



Introduction: The Concept of Political Liberalism
Shaun P. Young

1. Justice as Fairness: Political not Metaphysical
John Rawls

2. Political Liberalism
Charles Larmore

3. Political Liberalisms
Bruce Ackerman

4. Political Liberalism: Agency Rights and Tragic Conflicts
J. Donald Moon

5. An Empirical Approach to Political Liberalism
George Klosko

6. The Liberalism of Fear
Judith Shklar

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Leading theorists explore the concept of political liberalism.


The concept of a purely political liberalism that first emerged in the writings of John Rawls has attracted a significant amount of commentary and proven to be one of the most provocative and influential developments in contemporary political theory. Political Liberalism gathers together a number of eminent theorists, each with their own distinctive understanding of political liberalism, to explore and analyze the character and content of the idea—as opposed to a single conception—of this term. This book reveals the rich and complex nature of the dialogue among proponents of political liberalism and its important nuances, and in so doing offers a valuable resource for students and specialists alike.

Shaun P. Young is a Senior Policy Adviser at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Government of Ontario. He is the author of Beyond Rawls: An Analysis of the Concept of Political Liberalism.