Politics of Education

Essays from Radical Teacher

Edited by Susan Gushee O'Malley, Robert C. Rosen, and Leonard Vogt
Foreword by Michael W. Apple

Subjects: Teacher Education
Paperback : 9780791403563, 357 pages, July 1990
Hardcover : 9780791403556, 357 pages, July 1990

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Table of contents

Foreword Michael W. Apple


Part I. What We Teach and How We Teach

Section 1. Teaching Women's Studies

1. Feminist Values: Guidelines for Teaching Methodology in Women's Studies Nancy Schniedewind

2. Lesbianism 101 Bonnie Zimmerman

3. Teaching "Racism and Sexism in a Changing America" Paula Rothenberg

4. Women and Militarization: A Seminar Cynthia Enloe

Section 2. Teaching History and Social Science

5. Peace and the Color Line: Toward a Third World Peace Studies Curriculum Manning Marable

6. Teaching Nazi Culture Patty Lee Parmalee

7. Teaching the Vietnam War at a South Bronx Alternative High School Pam Sporn

Section 3. Revising the Literary Canon

8. These Self-Invented Women: A Theoretical Framework for a Literary History of Black Women Mary Helen Washington

9. Rewriting Afro-American Literature: A Case for Black Women Writers Gloria T. Hull

10. Working-Class Women's Literature: An Introduction to Study Paul Lauter

Section 4. Teaching Literature and Teaching Film

11. The Literature of Work Leonard Vogt

12. Notes on Teaching Masculinity and Homosexuality in Literature Joseph Cady

13. Reconciling Native Son and Native Daughters Onita Estes-Hicks

14. Science Fiction Novels and Film Les Perelman

15. Teaching the Hollywood Western Jack Weston

Section 5. Teaching Writing

16. Freshman Composition Richard Ohmann and Jack Weston

17. Teaching Basic Skills: Working with Contradictions Robert Lapides

18. As the (White, Middle-Class) World Turns: Teaching Soap Operas in a Writing Class Susan Radner

Section 6. Math and Science Education

19. The Myth of Neutrality: Race, Sex, and Class in Science Anne Fausto-Sterling

20. A Different Third R: Radical Math Marilyn Frankenstein

21. Never Meant to Survive: A Black Woman's Journey An Interview with Evelynn Hammonds by Aimée Sands

Part II. Where We Work

Section 1. Education as Oppression

22. Back to Basics Robert C. Rosen

23. Standardized Testing at JFK High Stan Karp

24. The Doctrine of Separate Spheres in Elementary Education Sara Freedman

25. The View from the Other Side Emily Abel

Section 2. Working Conditions and Struggles

26. Living at the Bottom: Part-Time Teaching at the City University of New York Susan Blank and Beth Greenberg

27. London Teaching Diary Susan Gushee O'Malley

28. Homophobia in the Schools, Or What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us Pam Chamberlain

29. Guests at the Table: Feminists and Contracts Arlyn Diamond

30. Black Women on the Frontline: Unfinished Business of the Sixties Andrée Nicola-McLaughlin and Zala Chandler

radicalteacher definition Pamela Annas

Notes on Contributors

Radical Teacher Editorial Board Members



This book brings together thirty of the best essays from Radical Teacher. The journal is devoted to feminist and socialist approaches to teaching—to showing teachers how to democratize the classroom and empower students.

The articles included here have been chosen for their continuing usefulness to school and college teachers with emphasis on critical pedagogy as well as radical course content. These essays provide not only a wealth of ideas for teachers already involved in radical education but also an accessible, readable, and wide-ranging introduction for those new to it.

Susan Gushee O'Malley teaches English at Kinsborough Community College (CUNY) and is editorial chairperson of Radical Teacher. Robert C. Rosen, a member of the Radical Teacher editorial board, teaches English at William Paterson College. Leonard Vogt is professor of English at Laguardia Community College (CUNY), and he is also a member of the Radical Teacher editorial board.