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The Living Classroom, Second Edition

A paradigm-breaking exploration of how collective intelligence functions in groups, with practical guidelines for teachers.

Building Pedagogues

An in-depth account and model of antiracist professional development for white practicing teachers.

Teacher Education Reform as Political Theater

By Elena Aydarova
Subjects: Education

An ethnography of Russian teacher education reforms as scripted performances of political theater.

Stories of School Yoga

Edited by Andrea M. Hyde & Janet D. Johnson
Subjects: Education

Provides firsthand perspectives from yoga practitioners and educators on the promises and challenges of school-based yoga programs.

Beyond Banneker

An in-depth look at the lives, experiences, and professional careers of Black mathematicians in the United States.

Unresolved Identities

Explores the ways that immigrant youth identities are shaped by dominant discourses.

Prioritizing Urban Children, Teachers, and Schools through Professional Development Schools

Provides insights into university partnerships with urban schools.

Composition and Copyright

Edited by Steve Westbrook
Introduction by Steve Westbrook
Subjects: Language Arts

Essential copyright resource for teachers and writers, particularly those involved in electronic or new media.

Writing-Based Teaching

Edited by Teresa Vilardi & Mary K. Chang
Subjects: Education

Offers candid, first-hand accounts of what it is like to make writing central to teaching in secondary schools and colleges.

The Living Classroom

Describes the emergence of powerful fields of consciousness that influence students’ learning and personal transformation.

Urban Education with an Attitude

Teachers, community activists, and parents acknowledge and applaud democratic educational systems that establish partnerships between universities and the urban communities they serve.

Preparing for Inclusive Teaching

A resource to help institutions navigate the choppy waters of reform.

Rethinking Standards through Teacher Preparation Partnerships

Explores a particular educational reform effort, teacher preparation partnerships, with special attention to standards and assessment.

Reeducating the Educator

A comparative look at the professional development of teachers and teacher educators.

Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams

Examines Professional Development Schools, or "teaching schools," and the myriad complex issues, from policy to personnel, that surround their operation.

Behind Closed Doors

Provides insights into an uncharted territory in the educational environment of schools--the teachers' lounge.

Reflective Teacher Education

An increasing number of educators are arguing for conceptually sound reflective or inquiry-oriented teacher education programs. The argument is based on the fact that reflective teaching is possible and ...

Politics of Education

This book brings together thirty of the best essays from Radical Teacher. The journal is devoted to feminist and socialist approaches to teaching—to showing teachers how to democratize the classroom ...

Creating Spaces and Finding Voices

This book follows the shared journey of five classroom teachers and a university professor as they together examine the possibilities and dilemmas of collaborative inquiry and teacher empowerment. Teachers' ...

On Literacy and Its Teaching

This book recognizes and embraces the complexities of modern English teaching. It presents English teachers and teacher educators with a critical view of current professional issues and concerns in the ...

The Professors of Teaching

In The Professors of Teaching nine scholars pool their insights and their divergent experiences within the profession to discuss and elucidate the origins, productivity, dilemmas, and future of the professorate. ...

Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education

The authors allow students and faculty to speak in their own voices to tell the story of how teachers are prepared for their important roles as educators of the nation's children. This book provides in-depth, ...

Crisis in Teaching

There is a real need for a clear analysis and investigation of what the "crisis" in teaching actually is. By exploring the definition of the teaching crisis, investigating the evidence for its existence ...

Change and Effectiveness in Schools

The quest for more effective schools has perhaps never been more challenging than it is today. Here, the authors consider and investigate that challenge from the cultural perspective.