Stories of School Yoga

Narratives from the Field

Edited by Andrea M. Hyde & Janet D. Johnson

Subjects: Education, Yoga, Urban Education, Sociology, Teacher Education
Hardcover : 9781438475691, 204 pages, September 2019
Paperback : 9781438475707, 204 pages, September 2019

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Table of contents


Introduction: “I Just Breathe”: Stories of School Yoga
Janet D. Johnson and Andrea M. Hyde

1. Qualitative Research and School Yoga
Andrea M. Hyde and Janet D. Johnson

2. The World Is Made Up of Stories
Janet D. Johnson and Andrea M. Hyde
Section I: Yogis on School Staff

3. One School, Calm and Alert
Helene McGlauflin

4. S. T.O. P. and Relax: A Yoga Curriculum for Students with Autism
Debra A. Krodman-Collins

5. Achieving and Breathing: the Yoga Journey of a Public School Teacher
Lindsay Meeker
Section II: National Programs

6. Empowering Schools from the Inside: Training Leaders for Sustainable Yoga
Lisa Flynn

7. SEL, Yoga, and Mindfulness: Developing Teacher Competencies
Carla Tantillo Philibert with Peggy C. Collings

8. Creating a Nonviolent World: The CALMING KIDS Story
Dee Marie
Section III: Working with Marginalized Populations

9. Sharing the Practices with Urban Elementary Students
Michelle Brook

10. Yoga for Health and Physical Education (and More)
Joanne Spence

11. Practicing Yoga, Practicing Justice
Peg Oliveira

Conclusion: A Place for Making Meaning
Andrea M. Hyde and Janet D. Johnson


Provides firsthand perspectives from yoga practitioners and educators on the promises and challenges of school-based yoga programs.


The yoga-in-schools movement has been gaining momentum in recent years as adult practitioners realize the benefit of yoga in their personal lives and want to share it with children and youth. As the movement has grown, so has the need to understand how yoga works and its effects on individuals, groups, and school culture. Stories of School Yoga brings together firsthand narratives by teachers and practitioners from diverse settings nationwide to illuminate the multifaceted work, challenges, and benefits of teaching yoga to K−12 students in public schools. The stories here supplement and reframe quantitative research in the field; demonstrate how yoga can mitigate stress and tension, particularly amid an increased focus on standardized curricula and testing; and offer lessons learned and practical insights into planning, implementing, and running these programs. Rich in detail and accessible to nonspecialists, Stories of School Yoga presents helpful resources and a nuanced, on-the-ground look at the yoga-in-schools movement.

Andrea M. Hyde is Professor of Educational Studies at Western Illinois University. Janet D. Johnson is Professor of Secondary Education at Rhode Island College.


"…Stories of School Yoga brings much important material for scholars from a range of fields to discuss as they think about and investigate yoga in K–12 public schools. " — Nova Religio

"Stories of School Yoga contributes to the field of school-based yoga programs by providing a much-needed counterpoint to the majority of research in this field, which tends to be quantitative in nature. The book shares the rich stories of people who are implementing yoga in schools while also providing a scientific explanation for why these stories are important/needed. The contributors do not shy away from the broader social/political issues involved in implementing yoga within the educational system—a system that has many challenges of its own. I believe this book will assist both quantitative and qualitative researchers in developing future studies of yoga in schools, as well as practitioners interested in implementing yoga in schools. " — Bethany Butzer, University of New York in Prague