The Professors of Teaching

An Inquiry

Edited by Richard Wisniewski & Edward R. Ducharme

Subjects: Teacher Education
Series: SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development
Paperback : 9780887069024, 172 pages, April 1989
Hardcover : 9780887069017, 172 pages, April 1989

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Table of contents



Harry Judge

1. Why Study the Education Professoriate? An Introduction
Richard Wisniewski and Edward R. Ducharme

2. Education Professors: The Centennial of an Identity Crisis
J. Stephen Hazlett

3. Early Professors of Education: Three Case Studies
Clinton B. Allison

4. The New Prioritird and the Education Faculty
Milton Schwebel

5. Professors of Education: Uneasy Residents of Academe
Edward R. Ducharme and Russell M. Agne

6. Perceptions of the Role and Scholarly Reputation of the Education Professoriate
Barbara G. Burch

7. A Plight of Teacher Educators: Clinical Mentalities in a Scientific Culture
James Raths, Lilian Katz, and Amy McAninch

8. The Uses of Time: Evocations of an Ethos
Hendrik D. Gideonse

9. The Ideal Professor of Education
Richard Wisniewksi

10. Where We Stand
Richard Wisniewski and Edward R. Ducharme



In The Professors of Teaching nine scholars pool their insights and their divergent experiences within the profession to discuss and elucidate the origins, productivity, dilemmas, and future of the professorate. Emphasizing the need for professors of education to satisfy the norms of scholarship appropriate to the university, the contributors also underscore the need for the education faculty to work closely with those in the practicing profession—teachers in our nations' schools. The result is a frank and candid exposé which provides a clear sense of what must now be done in order for professors of education to be not only accepted but also respected within the academy and the teaching profession. Professionals, administrators, policy-makers—all those concerned with teacher preparation and practice will be challenged by the authors of The Professors of Teaching.

Richard Wisniewski is Professor and Dean of Education at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Edward R. Ducharme is Professor of Education and Chair of the Department of Organizational, Counseling, and Foundational Studies at the University of Vermont.


"This is a book which will give no comfort—either to the enemies of the education professoriate (whose bad-tempered criticisms are not supported by hard evidence), or to its members (who may have only a little time to set their rambling house in order)." — Harry Judge from the Introduction

"Since I have been a professor of education for 21 years, I approached the book with the hope that I might learn something about my professional role—its history, characteristics, etc. I was not disappointed." — Alan R. Tom

"The authors have addressed and highlighted a problem that has been festering below the surface for a long time. They have done so in an interesting and scholarly way. Just by bringing the problem to light in this multifaceted way they have broken new ground." — Berj Harootunian