SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development

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Relying on local, self, and historical studies, the author argues for better—not best—practices in teaching and teacher education.

Innovations in Teacher Education

Presents key principles of teacher education and concrete examples from successful programs.

Preparing for Inclusive Teaching

A resource to help institutions navigate the choppy waters of reform.

Talking about a Revolution

Analyzes how teachers attempt to translate the language of reform into pedagogical action.

Rethinking Standards through Teacher Preparation Partnerships

Explores a particular educational reform effort, teacher preparation partnerships, with special attention to standards and assessment.

From Isolation to Conversation

Provides a model to help new teachers adjust to challenges faced as they begin their classroom careers.

Educating Culturally Responsive Teachers

Provides a coherent framework for preparing teachers to work with a diverse student population.

Reeducating the Educator

A comparative look at the professional development of teachers and teacher educators.

Teaching Selves

Through the experiences of six students who wish to become high school teachers, this book explores the process of what it means to be a teacher and proposes ten principles for identity development.

Collaborative Reform and Other Improbable Dreams

Examines Professional Development Schools, or "teaching schools," and the myriad complex issues, from policy to personnel, that surround their operation.

Participatory Action Research

Presents an engaging introduction to the international conversation about enhancing social and educational practice using participatory action research.

Redesigning Teacher Education

Explores the shortcomings of teacher education and proposes design principles for rethinking teacher preparation. Establishes a reform agenda for teacher education faculties.

Recreating Relationships

Focuses on two major themes: the imporvement of teaching practice through collaborative research, and reflection on the process of collaboration itself to understand its role in educational change.

Empowering Ourselves and Transforming Schools

Examines the forces that keep educators and students from feeling fully empowered. Contains self-help and planning activities for teachers and administrators interested in transforming schools.

Composing Teacher-Research

This story of a teacher's growth as a researcher in the classroom reflects the larger issues of the debate about this kind of research during the last decade.

Learning from Experience

This book is about the development of teachers'professional knowledge.

Teachers' Everyday Use of Imagination and Intuition

This book offers a provocative look at the significant roles that imagination and intuition play in the daily operation of teachers' classrooms. The author explores the idea of creativity in education ...

Changing American Education

School change and educational reform are discussed constantly by the media. Despite a decade of frenzied interest, there is little consensus on the most fundamental issues. The terminology of school reform ...

Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom

Rather than simply examining gender differences in student performance, this book presents various aspects and considerations of gender equity in classroom teaching through conversations with and observations ...

Changing Patterns of Power

The reform of teacher education has been a focal point of state action in industrial countries since the early 1980s. Given this convergence of educational and governmental activity, the studies presented ...

Redesigning Teaching

Redesigning Teaching provides concrete case studies of school districts implementing teacher reforms. The cases describe the changes, give the history and dynamics of each project, examine how teachers ...

Reflective Teacher Education

An increasing number of educators are arguing for conceptually sound reflective or inquiry-oriented teacher education programs. The argument is based on the fact that reflective teaching is possible and ...