Teachers' Everyday Use of Imagination and Intuition

In Pursuit of the Elusive Image

By Virginia M. Jagla

Subjects: Education
Series: SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development
Paperback : 9780791420980, 218 pages, September 1994
Hardcover : 9780791420973, 218 pages, September 1994

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Table of contents

Part I: Initial Images

1. Introduction

2. Images of Artistic Teachers

Part II: Expressions of Imagination and Intuition

3. Definition of Terms

4. Further Understanding in Context

Part III: Thematic Threads Unraveled

5. Free To Be

6. Compare and Contrast

7. The Classroom Comes Alive

Part IV: Pursuing the Elusive Image

8. Cultivating Teachers' Use of Imagination and Intuition

9. Enhancing Students' Imagination and Intuition

10. Implications and Further Reflection




This book offers a provocative look at the significant roles that imagination and intuition play in the daily operation of teachers' classrooms. The author explores the idea of creativity in education as it relates to being spontaneous, open, confident, experienced, and familiar. Readers are invited to envision how the classroom comes alive by pondering the themes of "Interaction," "Connections and Context," "Storytelling" and "Emotion—Excitement, Love, and Caring" through the stories of teachers.

Jagla explores ways of fostering imagination and intuition with preservice and inservice teachers and provides ways of encouraging students to use their own imaginations and intuitive processes. The book provides an exciting mix of original anecdotes, literature review, and insightful analysis.

Virginia M. Jagla is a Freelance Educational Consultant who has been working in the field of Education for twenty-four years.