SUNY series, The Social Context of Education

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Leaving Children Behind

Argues for a more valid and democratic approach to assessment and accountability.

Defining and Designing Multiculturalism

An activist group works to bring a multicultural education program to an urban public school system.

Anti-Racist Scholarship

Offers discussion and examples of how white scholars can use anti-racist scholarship as part of the long-term civil rights struggle to create real equality in the United States.

African-Centered Pedagogy

Integrates the historical, cultural, political, and developmental considerations of the African American experience into a theory for the educational achievement of African American children.

Double Jeopardy

Enables teachers and other school personnel working with students with disabilities to provide a gender equitable educational experience.

Women's Agency and Educational Policy

Highlights the struggles of a group of women from rural Kenya to provide educational opportunities for their children.


Through excerpts and profiles, this inspiring book presents the experiences of twelve African American artists who teach at traditionally White colleges and universities.

Subtractive Schooling

Provides an enhanced sense of what’s required to genuinely care for and educate the U. S.–Mexican youth in America.

Cooperative Learning in Context

Explains why powerful educational innovations like "cooperative learning" do not always reach their full potential in everyday classrooms.

Iroquois Corn in a Culture-Based Curriculum

Provides a framework and an example for studying diverse cultures in a respectful manner, using the thematic focus of corn to examine the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture.

Struggling To Be Heard

The social, psychological, and educational needs of Asian Pacific American youth often go unmet. This book, written by multicultural educators, social workers, psychologists, and others, challenges stereotypical beliefs and seeks to provide, basic knowledge and direction for working with this population, often labeled as "the model minority."

Speaking the Unpleasant

Discusses the issue of engagement, and nonengagement, of students in multicultural education programs.

The Other Struggle for Equal Schools

Contrary to popular belief that the struggle for educational opportunity during the civil rights era was waged exclusively by African Americans, this fascinating book shows that the Mexican American population challenged discriminatory educational practice more than was portrayed by the media.

Making Meaning of Whiteness

Describes how a group of white female student teachers examined their "whiteness" and developed ways of thinking critically about race and racism in educational practice.

Standing Outside on the Inside

This book, the result of a longitudinal study of academic achievement and pre-college enrichment for disadvantaged Black adolescents, offers fresh insights on barriers which continue to impede the academic progress of those students.

To Live Heroically

Analyzes American Indian education in the last century and compares the tribal, mission, and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools.

Global Convulsions

Addresses issues concerning race, ethnicity, and nationlism in both their domestic and international dimension.

Language, Culture, and Power

Provides insights into the impact that eliminating bilingual education programs has on the lives of families and communities. Persuasively argues that linguistic repression is an unwise language policy for a democratic nation.

Multicultural Education as Social Activism

Explores connections between multicultural education, social activism, and critical analyses of oppression.

Teacher Thinking in Cultural Contexts

Explores how teachers think about students of color and/or a multicultural curriculum and presents opportunities for reconstructing teacher knowledge of the cultural context.

Parent-School Collaboration

Examines in close detail public schools' relationships with their parents and communities.

Removing College Price Barriers

Presents the political, economic, and demographic factors that interact to produce and perpetuate increasing college price barriers.

Practicing What We Teach

This book provides new teachers with concepts and pedagogical strategies designed to enhance the unique and individual characteristics of an increasingly diverse student population.

Over the Ivy Walls

Explores social factors that lead to academic success for low-income Chicanos.