Anti-Racist Scholarship

An Advocacy

Edited by James Joseph Scheurich

Subjects: Education
Series: SUNY series, The Social Context of Education
Paperback : 9780791453605, 278 pages, March 2002
Hardcover : 9780791453599, 278 pages, March 2002

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Table of contents



Chapter 1
Section 1: Toward a White Discourse on White Racism
James Joseph Scheurich
Section 2: Response to a "White Discourse on White Racism"
W. B. Allen
Section 3: Advancing a White Discourse: A Response to Scheurich
Christine E. Sleeter
Section 4: A Difficult, Confusing, Painful Problem That Requires Many Voices, Many Perspectives
James Joseph Scheurich

Chapter 2
Section 1: Coloring Epistemology: Are Our Research Epistemologies Racially Biased?
James Joseph Scheurich and Michelle D. Young
Section 2: A Response to "Coloring Epistemology: Are Our Research Epistemologies Racially Biased?"
Cynthia A. Tyson
Section 3: Coloring Within and Outside the Lines: Some Comments
Steven I. Miller
Section 4: Rejoinder: In the United States of America, in Both Our Souls and Our Sciences, We Are Avoiding White Racism
James Joseph Scheurich and Michelle D. Young


Chapter 3
The Buck Stops Here in Our Preparations Programs: Educative Leadership for All Children (No Exceptions Allowed)
James Joseph Scheurich and Julie Laible

Chapter 4
Section 1: Educational Leadership for Democratic Purpose: What Do We Mean?
Carl D. Glickman
Section 2: Commentary: The Grave Dangers in the Discourse on Democracy
James Joseph Scheurich
Section 3: Commentary: A Response to the Discourse on Democracy: A Dangerous Retreat
Carl D. Glickman

Chapter 5
The Building Blocks of Educational Administration: A Dialogic Review of the First Three Chapters of the New Handbook of Research in Educational Administration
Jay D. Scribner, Gerardo R. Lopéz, James W. Koschoreck, Kanya Mahitivanichcha, and James Joseph Scheurich

Chapter 6
The Destructive Desire for a Depoliticized Ethnographic Methodology: Response to Harry Wolcott
James Joseph Scheurich


Chapter 7
Highly Successful and Loving Public Elementary Schools Populated Mainly by Low SES Children of Color: Core Beliefs and Cultural Characteristics
James Joseph Scheurich

Chapter 8
Windows/Ventanas: A Postmodern Re-Presentation of Children in Migrancy
Gerardo R. Lopéz, Miguel A. Guajardo, and James Joseph Scheurich

Chapter 9
Racing Representation: A "Raza Realist" Narration of Migrant Students, Their Educación and Their Contexto
Gerardo Lopéz, Miguel Guajardo, Maricela Oliva, and James Joseph Scheurich

Chapter 10
Labores de la Vida/The Labors of Life: A Description of a Video Documentary of Mexican-American Adults Who Were Migrant Agricultural Workers as Children and a Commentary by Miguel Guajardo
Miguel Guajardo, Patricia Sánchez, Elissa Fineman, and James Joseph Scheurich


Offers discussion and examples of how white scholars can use anti-racist scholarship as part of the long-term civil rights struggle to create real equality in the United States.


Most would agree that racism is a moral and spiritual violation of the human spirit and the human community and one of the most destructive social problems in the United States. In this thought-provoking and challenging book, Scheurich contends that white racism is interwoven within social science research, social institutions such as public education, and society in general, directly destroying any legitimate claim to democracy. This volume offers discussions and examples of how white scholars can use anti-racist scholarship as part of the long-term civil rights struggle to create real equality in the United States. Other scholars, who both agree and disagree with Scheurich's perspective, contribute to the volume.

James Joseph Scheurich is Associate Professor of Educational Administration at The University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of Research Method in the Postmodern, and coeditor, with Robert Donmoyer and Michael Imber, of The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration: Multiple Perspectives, also published by SUNY Press.


"…James Scheurich demonstrates how scholarly and research practices contribute to and interrupt white racism. " — Teaching Education

"Scheurich's work is an effort to challenge white scholars to at least begin to question their own position, and how it impacts their understanding of schooling, society, and even on some levels, national identity. There are other scholarly works that highlight anti-racist work, but this book is different, in that it not only exemplifies the struggles, but also clarifies some aspects that many white scholars have not been mindful of in the past. " — Frances V. Rains, The Pennsylvania State University

"This book is creative in its polyphonic textuality and its 'multivoicedness,' and it continuously interrogates the ontological and epistemological normality of whiteness. It shows rather than tells what the process of anti-racism might look like. Many other books in the field of whiteness studies somehow seem to make 'closure. ' This book leaves the discussion wide open for a constant revisioning. " — Sofia Villenas, coeditor of Race Is. .. Race Isn't: Critical Race Theory and Qualitative Studies in Education