The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration

Multiple Perspectives

Edited by Robert Donmoyer, Michael Imber, and James Joseph Scheurich

Subjects: Education
Series: SUNY series, Educational Leadership
Paperback : 9780791423868, 328 pages, July 1995
Hardcover : 9780791423851, 328 pages, July 1995

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Table of contents

Introduction—Knowledge Base Problems in Educational Administration

Part I: Framing the Debate: Philosophical, Historical, and Practical Issues

The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration: Postpositivist Reflections
James Joseph Scheurich

The Myth of a Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
Janet Littrell and William Foster

Building a Professional Knowledge Base in Educational Administration: Opportunities and Obstacles
Paul V. Bredeson

The Knowledge Base in School Administration: Historical Footings and Emerging Trends
Joseph Murphy

A Knowledge Base for Educational Administration: Notes from the Field
Robert Donmoyer

Craft Knowledge and Institutional Constraints
Rodney Muth

Organizational Counterproductivism in Educational Administration
Michael Imber

Narrative Knowledge and Educational Administration: The Stories That Guide Our Practice
Gary L. Anderson and Bonnie Page

Part II: Hearing Traditionally Excluded Voices: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Educational Administration

A Cup Half Full: A Gender Critique of the Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
Charol Shakeshaft

How Gender and Ethnicity Interact in the Practice of Educational Administration: The Case of Hispanic Female Superintendents
Flora Ida Ortiz and David Jude Ortiz

Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and the Quest for a Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
Vivian Ikpa

Lessons of Leadership: A Critique of the Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
Jayminn Sulir Sanford

Fe/Male Voices: Leadership and the Knowledge Base
Rosemary Papalewis

Part III: Adding New Points of View: Alternative Theoretical Approaches and Models

The Micropolitics of Education
Joseph Blase

Developments in Theory and Practice: An Opportunity to Examine the Impact of the Environment on School Organizations
Rodney T. Ogawa

The Preparation of Educational Leaders and Rational Choice Theory
Tyll van Geel

Needed: A Knowledge Base that Promotes Creativity—Toward a Rhetorical Knowledge Base for Educational Administration
Jane Clark Lindle

A Constructivist View of the Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
Nona A. Prestine

An Otherist Poststructural Perspective of the Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
Colleen A. Capper

Theoretical Pluralism in Educational Administration
Daniel E. Griffiths



This anthology summarizes and critiques the current knowledge base in the field of educational administration.


For scholars and practitioners who are interested in or are concerned about knowledge-based issues, this book provides a needed antidote to narrow discussions of foundational issues.

The editors of this book maintain that discussions of a knowledge base in educational administration have typically been limited to a fairly traditional range of scholarly commentary reflective of the status quo within departments of educational administration over the past several decades. Other views, such as feminist views, race/ethnic-based orientations, those that dispute the very idea of a knowledge base, and those that simply expand the traditional range, have been given little attention within the knowledge-base discourse. The purpose of this book is, thus, to open up this discourse by broadening the range of viewpoints being considered.

Robert Donmoyer is Professor, Educational Policy & Leadership, The Ohio State University. He is co-editor, with Raylene Kos, of At-Risk Students: Portraits, Policies, Programs, and Practices, also published by SUNY Press. Michael Imber is Professor, Educational Policy & Leadership, University of Kansas. James Joseph Scheurich is Assistant Professor, Educational Administration, The University of Texas at Austin.