At-Risk Students

Portraits, Policies, Programs, and Practices

Edited by Robert Donmoyer & Raylene Kos

Subjects: Education Policy And Leadership
Series: SUNY series, Youth Social Services, Schooling, and Public Policy
Paperback : 9780791413944, 438 pages, July 1993
Hardcover : 9780791413937, 438 pages, July 1993

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Table of contents


Part 1. Portraits

1. At-Risk Students: Insights from/about Research
Robert Donmoyer and Raylene Kos

2. The Purpose of Portraits: Rethinking the Form and Function of Research on At-Risk Students
Robert Donmoyer

3. "Nobody knows my life but me!" The Story of Ben, A Reading Disabled Adolescent
Raylene Kos

4. Ways of Being at Risk: The Case of Billy Charles Barnett
Thomas Barone

5. Ellen, A Deferring Learner
Karin L. Dahl

6. Andy and Libby: At Risk or Undervalued?
Karen L. Ford

7. Karen: An Interaction of Gender Role and Reading Disability
Raylene Kos

8. "Something to Keep the Relationship Holding": Victoria, a Pregnant Adolescent
Kathryn Herr

9. Andrew: The Story of a Gifted At-Risk Student
June Yennie-Donmoyer

10. Alston and Everetta: Too Risky for School?
James T. Sears

11. Paul: Differentiating Disorder and Intervention
John J. Gleason

Part 2. Policies, Programs, and Practices

12. Structuring for Idiosyncracy: Rethinking Policies, Programs, and Practices for at-Risk Students
Robert Donmoyer

13. Placing Children at Risk: Schools Respond to Reading Problems
Richard L. Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen

14. "Teacher, why am I failing? I know the answers": The Effects of Developmentally Inappropriate Assessment
Pamela O. Fleege and Rosalind Charlesworth

15. "A Different Kind of Responsibility": Social and Academic Engagement of General-Track High School Students
Sandra B. Damico and Jeffrey Roth

16. Direction with Discretion: Reading Recovery as an Example of Balancing Top-down and Bottom-up Decision Making
Patricia L. Scharer and Nancy C. Zajano

17. In the Shadow of the Excellence Reports: School Restructuring for at-Risk Students
Andrew Gitlin, Frank Margonis, and Heather Brunjes

18. Emergent Spanish Literacy in a Whole Language Bilingual Classroom
Irene Alicia Serna and Sarah Hudelson

19. "It's Not a Perfect World": Defining Success and Failure at Central Park East Secondary School
Mark A. Faust

20. Creating a Culture of Writers with at-Risk Students
June Yennie-Donmoyer and Robert Donmoyer

21. A Teacher Reflects on His Urban Classroom
Art Isennagle

22. The Risk of Writing Outside the Margins: A Reexamination of the Notion of Access
Bonnie Meath-Lang

23. A Policy Perspective: Overcoming Gridlock Beyond Schools
Brad Mitchell

Postscript: In Search of a Bottom Line




This book explores the circumstances of at-risk students and argues that well-intentioned policymakers and educators run the risk of making matters worse rather than better for these students, even if their actions are based on the best social science evidence available. The book demonstrates the diverse, idiosyncratic nature of these students, argues that traditional social science methods cannot capture this idiosyncrasy and diversity, and presents research methods, policies, and programs that can accommodate student diversity.

Robert Donmoyer is Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership at the Ohio State University. Raylene Kos is Supervisor of the Language Arts Programs for the Westerville, Ohio City School District.


"Without coming to grips with the at-risk student problem, school reorganization, new subject matter, instructional methods, and other forms of curriculum reform are all hollow. As one reads the material in this book, it becomes very clear that larger societal issues are at stake, and need to be solved. Oh, that the "Education President" would/could read this kind of material as a basis of making national policy. " — Nelson L. Haggerson, Arizona State University

"The case studies of individuals and programs in this book are essential reading for every teacher educator and teacher education student in this country to read over and over again. Every chapter describing the experiences of at-risk students and/or the nature and effect of programs and practices designed to help at-risk students is excellent. " — Dorene Ross, University of Florida