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Decision Making for Educational Leaders

A guide to decision making for school administrators.

The Little School System That Could

Examines, from four organizational perspectives, Virginia’s Manassas Park City School’s ten-year turnaround.

Education Empire

Traces the organizational history of Fairfax County public schools in Virginia, from 1954–2004, revealing the system's record of academic success.

Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability

Using Virginia as a case study, examines the role that educational leaders play in the implementation of statewide accountability plans.

School as Community

Addresses the question: How can school communities be created and sustained?

Values and Educational Leadership

Studies values and their influences in educational leadership.

Destined to Rule the Schools

Tells the story of women and school leadership in America from the common school era to the present. Offers an historical account of how teaching became women's work and the school superintendency men's.

Restructuring Schools for Collaboration

A comprehensive discussion, from multiple perspectives, of the complex nature of school collaboration efforts.

Voices of Women Aspiring to the Superintendency

Few school superintendents in the United States are women, although many women have leadership positions in schools. This book is a feminist poststructuralist account of women aspiring to the superintendency in K-12 public school systems in the United States. It deals with issues of power, gender, and leadership and provides a framework for understanding the contemporary context of the superintendency.

Coordination Among Schools, Families, and Communities

Addresses a relatively new emphasis in the educational reform movement, the attempt to improve linkages between schools, families, and communities in the delivery of support services to children.

Teacher Evaluation Policy

Since the beginning of the school reform movement in the early 1980's, various efforts have been made to improve teacher evaluation. Most of the initial efforts were designed to promote greater accountability. ...

The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration

This anthology summarizes and critiques the current knowledge base in the field of educational administration.

Effective School District Leadership

This book reports the results of a series of studies of effective school district leadership

The School That Refused to Die

This is a fascinating, and disturbing, story of an urban high school's struggle to survive in the post-integration era of educational reform.

Expert Problem Solving

This book presents a series of related empirical studies about the thinking and problem solving processes of expert educational leaders. It describes the nature of expert thinking and provides substantial ...

Principal Succession

This book examines major issues in theory and research related to leader succession. It looks at the persistent problems confronted by people assigned to lead established social and professional groups ...

Teacher Induction and Mentoring

The ordeals and stresses of the first year of teaching have often been cited as reasons why many new teachers become discouraged and even abandon their teaching careers. One strategy that has proven successful ...

In Teachers' Hands

This book marks the starting point of a profound shift in assessment priorities, detailing the results of a decade-long program of research on classroom assessment environments. It demonstrates how important ...

Education Policy Implementation

This supplemental text for educational policy, administration, and program evaluation courses provides a framework for examining the following crucial questions. To what extent have state and federal ...

Incentive Pay and Career Ladders for Today's Teachers

This book examines how teacher incentive pay and career ladder programs have been implemented—what forms they've taken; what issues arose as programs were established; what their impact has been so ...

The Case for Commitment to Teacher Growth

Most evaluations of teacher performance are brief, superficial, pro forma affairs involving a few moments of classroom observation every year or two followed by the completion of required evaluation forms. ...

Pushing the Limits

By providing new understanding and insights into the backgrounds and experiences of women pursuing administrative careers in education, Pushing the Limits fills a critical void in the existing literature. ...

The Managerial Imperative and the Practice of Leadership in Schools

With this significant new work, Larry Cuban provides a unique and insightful perspective on the bridging of the long-standing and well-known gap between teachers and administrators. Drawing on the literature ...

Work Orientation and Job Performance

With critical attention focused on education, and the teaching profession itself under close scrutiny by federal, state, and local officials and governing boards, a heightened sense of the need to attract ...

Approaches to Administrative Training in Education

In this important new collection Murphy and Hallinger bring together descriptions of a wide range of the new models in use in educational administrative training. Most of these eleven models have developed ...