Incentive Pay and Career Ladders for Today's Teachers

A Study of Current Programs and Practices

By Richard M. Brandt

Subjects: Education Policy And Leadership
Series: SUNY series, Educational Leadership
Paperback : 9780791404003, 286 pages, August 1990
Hardcover : 9780791403990, 286 pages, September 1990

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1. Response to a Mandate

2. A Program Taxonomy

3. Planning: Issues and Procedures

4. Changing Sentiments and Procedures

5. Teacher Motivation and Organizational Change

6. An Interim Assessment

7. A Look Ahead





This book examines how teacher incentive pay and career ladder programs have been implemented—what forms they've taken; what issues arose as programs were established; what their impact has been so far; and what their future might be. It provides a program taxonomy and conceptual framework for understanding current trends within this still-evolving reform movement, including resistance to the change process. Most important, the book analyzes the potential impact on the real world of schools and how these programs affect teachers' skills and students' learning.

Richard M. Brandt is Curry Memorial Professor of Education at the University of Virginia.


"The case studies provide a unique glimpse into the step-by-step implementation of incentive systems. The typology, a pioneering effort to categorize various incentive systems, is used later as a basis for comparing the impacts of different systems. This material will be invaluable to those who study the long-range effects of these reforms." – Daniel L. Duke, University of Virginia