Reflective Teacher Education

Cases and Critiques

Edited by Linda Valli

Subjects: Teacher Education
Series: SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development
Paperback : 9780791411322, 281 pages, September 1992
Hardcover : 9780791411315, 281 pages, September 1992

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Table of contents

Alan R. Tom

Linda Valli


1. Communities of Inquiry, Communities of Support: The Five Year Teacher Education Program at the University of New Hampshire
Sharon Nodie Oja, Ann Diller, Ellen Corcoran, and Michael D. Andrew

2. Developing a PROfessional TEACHer at the University of Florida
Dorene Doerre Ross, Margaret Johnson, and William Smith

3. Reflection, Research, and Repertoire in the Masters Certification Program at the University of Maryland
Joseph McCaleb, Hilda Borko, and Richard Arends

4. Stimulating Reflection While Learning to Teach: The ATTEP at Kent State University
Jane Applegate and Beverly Shaklee

5. Reflective Practice in the Multiple Perspectives Program at Michigan State University
Joyce Putnam and S. G. Grant

6. Problem Solving Is Not Enough: Reflective Teacher Education at the Catholic University of America
Maria J. Ciriello, Linda Valli, and Nancy E. Taylor

7. Getting it RITE: A Case of Negotiated Curriculum in Teacher Preparation at the University of Houston
Renee T. Clift, W. Robert Houston, and Jane McCarthy


8. The Role of Reflection in Learning to Teach
James Calderhead

9. In the Eye of the Beholder: Cognitive, Critical, and Narrative Approaches to Teacher Reflection
Georgea M. Sparkes-Langer

10. Conceptions of Reflective Teaching in Contemporary U. S. Teacher Education Program Reforms
Kenneth M. Zeichner

11. Feminist Pedagogy as a Foundation for Reflective Teacher Education Programs
Jesse Goodman

12. Voice and Power in Teaching and Learning to Teach
Anna E. Richert

13. The Essectialist Tension in Reflective Teacher Education
Lynda Stone

Linda Valli

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An increasing number of educators are arguing for conceptually sound reflective or inquiry-oriented teacher education programs. The argument is based on the fact that reflective teaching is possible and the belief that teachers should develop habits of consciously informed action. Those who promote reflective teaching argue for teacher empowerment within a self-renewing profession.

Reflective Teacher Education offers case studies from seven universities that have organized teacher education programs around the concept of reflection. The cases represent public and private institutions, and alternative and traditional models of teacher preparation. The studies represent efforts to transform the entire professional education component rather than individual courses or isolated strategies.

The volume also considers reflection as a conceptual orientation, commenting on its power to inform and improve teacher education, and assessing the implementation of reflection in these specific programs. The six critiques raise intriguing questions about the possibility and desirability of reflective reform efforts by viewing the cases from varying perspectives—development, cognitive, feminist, social reconstructionist, and post-modern.

Linda Valli is Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Education at The Catholic University of America.


"This is the first book to directly take on the complexities that are involved in attempting to look at reflective teaching as a process of program design, development, and implementation. The seven case studies do move us toward a better understanding of the dynamics involved in the design and implementation of reflective teacher education programs, and the assessments by the critics help identify just what we know—and don't know—about such programs. " — Alan R. Tom, University of Arizona