Studies of Teacher Education and Becoming and Being a Teacher

By Robert V. Bullough Jr.

Subjects: Education
Series: SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development
Paperback : 9780791473146, 264 pages, February 2008
Hardcover : 9780791473139, 264 pages, February 2008

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Table of contents


Part 1. Historical Studies

 1. Pedagogical Content Knowledge circa 1907 and 1987: A Study in the History of an Idea

 2. Teacher Education Reform as a Story of Possibility: Lessons Learned, Lessons Forgotten—The American Council on Education’s Commission on Teacher Education (1939–1942)

Part 2. Studies of Becoming and Being a Teacher Educator

 3. The Quest for Identity in Teaching and Teacher Education: An Episodic Personal History

 4. Becoming a Mentor: School-Based Teacher Educators and Teacher Educator Identity

 5. Life on the Borderlands: Action Research and Clinical Teacher Education Faculty

Part 3. Studies of Becoming and Being a Teacher

 6. Learning to Teach as an Intern: Teaching and the Emotions

 7. Continuity and Change in Teacher Development: First-Year Teacher after Five Years

 8. Changing Contexts and Expertise in Teaching: First Year Teacher after Seven Years

 9. Getting in Touch: Dreaming, the Emotions, and the Work of Teaching

Part 4. Program Studies

10. Rethinking Portfolios: Case Records as Personal Teaching Texts for Study in Preservice Teacher Education

11. Exploring Personal Teaching Metaphors in Preservice Teacher Education

12. Teaching with a Peer: A Comparison of Two Models of Student Teaching


Relying on local, self, and historical studies, the author argues for better—not best—practices in teaching and teacher education.


Representing more than two decades of Robert V. Bullough Jr. 's research into the problems of teaching and teacher education, this book presents a set of guiding principles that hold promise for achieving increasingly powerful teacher education.

Robert V. Bullough Jr. is Professor of Teacher Education and Associate Director of the Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling at Brigham Young University. His previous books include Stories of the Eight-Year Study: Reexamining Secondary Education in America (coauthored with Craig Kridel), also published by SUNY Press.


"…provides examples of the struggles and hardships that teachers, as well as teacher educators, face in these trying times and also highlights the great potential and strength that teacher education has to offer … the studies that are shared provide a window into the challenging yet rewarding world of teaching and teacher education. " — Journal of Education for Teaching

"This is a truly engaging book—what a change from the literature in teacher education. Bullough uses historical analysis, empirical research, and deeply intellectual and ethical reflection to present the usefulness of small-scale local research in teacher education. This book should be read, carefully, by all those who treasure the process and work toward the improvement of teacher education. " — Virginia Richardson, editor of Handbook of Research on Teaching, Fourth Edition

"Rich with meaning and ideas relevant to both historical and contemporary teacher education, Counternarratives should become a seminal text in and among teacher education dialogue and practice. Bullough has compiled a masterpiece with this work, and I applaud his efforts and contribution to the field. " — Thomas Nelson, editor of Teacher Education Quarterly

"This book offers hope and renewal to teacher educators in these times of increased standardization, external controls, and neglect of the moral aspects of education. It reminds us of what is truly important in teaching and teacher education. " — Kenneth M. Zeichner, Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Teacher Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"At a time when teaching and teacher education are undervalued and, in some quarters, poorly understood, Bullough reminds us all of the centrality of identity and the shaping factors that impact the journey of coming to know as a teacher and teacher educator. " — J. John Loughran, coeditor of Enacting a Pedagogy of Teacher Education: Values, Relationships, and Practices