Education Policy Implementation

Edited by Allan R. Odden

Subjects: Education Policy And Leadership
Series: SUNY series, Educational Leadership
Paperback : 9780791406663, 384 pages, September 1991
Hardcover : 9780791406656, 384 pages, September 1991

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1. The Evolution of Education Policy Implementation
Allan R. Odden

2. Title I of ESEA: The Politics of Implementing Federal Education Reform
Jerome T. Murphy

3. The Utility of a Longitudinal Approach in Assessing Implementation: A Thirteen-Year View of Title I, ESEA
Michael Kirst and Richard Jung

4. The Maturation of Redistributive Programs
Paul Peterson, Barry Rabe, and Kenneth Wong

5. Interaction of State and Federal Programs
Mary T. Moore, Margaret E. Goertz, and Terry W. Hartle

6. Cumulative Effects of Federal Education Policies at the Local Level
Michael S. Knapp, Marian S. Stearns, Brenda J. Turnbull, Jane L. David, and Susan M. Peterson

7. Thinking About Program Quality
Allan R. Odden

8. The Rand Change Agent Study: Ten Years Later
Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin

9. Getting the Job Done: Alternative Policy Instruments
Lorraine M. McDonnell and Richard F. Elmore

10. Learning from Experience: Lessons from Policy Implementation
Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin

11. Research on Education Reform: Lessons on the Implementation of Policy
Susan Fuhrman, William Clune, and Richard Elmore

12. Implementation of the California Mathematics and Science Curriculum Frameworks
David D. Marsh and Allan R. Odden

13. Ideas and Values in Implementation Analysis: The Case of Teacher Policy
Lorraine M. McDonnell

14. School Restructuring: Implementing Middle School Reform
David D. Marsh and Patricia S. Crocker

15. Legislative Oversight of Education Policy Implementation
Priscilla Wohlstetter

16. New Patterns of Education Policy Implementation and Challenges for the 1990s
Allan R. Odden




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This supplemental text for educational policy, administration, and program evaluation courses provides a framework for examining the following crucial questions. To what extent have state and federal initiated policies actually been implemented during the past 25 years? and To what degree does implementation lead to effectiveness? At a time when critical understanding of the issues is essential for good decision making, this volume provides a valuable tool for teachers, students, and makers of educational policy.

Allan R. Odden is Professor of Education, Director of the Center for Research in Education Finance, and Director of Policy Analysis for California Education at the University of Southern California-Los Angeles.


"In contrast to many books of readings, this one provides a comprehensive overview and synthesis of the major studies conducted on its topic over the past quarter-century. It contains several classic studies, various important new reports, and some interesting recent perspectives as well. Odden has carefully selected and arranged the contributions, providing a valuable historical presentation of policy implementation. It is a landmark publication in the field and will become the key, comprehensive text on the topic. " — Richard M. Brandt, University of Virginia