SUNY series, The Social Context of Education

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Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference

This book explores and expands upon linkages between multicultural education and critical pedagogy, drawing on the shared goal of challenging oppressive social relationships.

Children and Families "At Promise"

This book shows how the labeling of children as "at-risk" actually perpetuates the inequities, racism, and discrimination facing many families in America.

Language and Learning

This book explores the challenges of teaching an increasingly multilingual and multicultural American school population. Six million American children—one in eight—live in homes where a language other ...

Teaching Diverse Populations

This book presents current knowledge about teaching culturally diverse populations, traditionally underserved in the nation's public schools. It approaches the challenge of improving public school education ...

Educational Administration in a Pluralistic Society

In this bold, provocative supplemental text for the field of educational administration, Colleen Capper and contributors challenge administrators, policymakers, practitioners, and communities to confront ...