SUNY series, Teacher Empowerment and School Reform

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Practice Makes Practice

This revised edition of the classic text explores the complexity of what learning to teach means.

Pedagogy, Democracy, and Feminism

Shows how recent work in feminist theory, poststructuralist thought, and cultural studies addresses the issue of pedagogy, extending the possibility of social transformation into spaces other than the school setting.

Education for Public Democracy

Examines the kinds of school structures and educational practices that nurture the development of young people as public, democratic citizens.

The Modern Practice of Adult Education

Critiques the modernist tenets and moral integrity of contemporary adult education practice. Challenges educators to reconceptualize adult education as a postmodern pedagogy of engagement.

Pedagogy of Praxis

Presents a critical, Neo-Marxist philosophy of education.

Bilingual Education

Examines the theories of Bakhtin and Freire in relation to bilingual education and second language learning.

In Defense of the Lifeworld

Offers a radical rethinking of the meaning of work and learning in all domains of adult life: a "best of adult education" reader.

Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference

This book explores and expands upon linkages between multicultural education and critical pedagogy, drawing on the shared goal of challenging oppressive social relationships.

Race, Culture, and the City

This book proposes a pedagogy of black urban struggle and solidarity.

Critical Theory and Educational Research

Applies European critical theory to North American educational research.

Social Theory and Education

This book summarizes and critiques theories of social and cultural reproduction as they relate to sociology of education.

Re-Thinking Reason

For two decades, colleges and universities have regularly offered, and in some cases required, courses in thinking skills. Such courses generally have focused on training students in the basics of informal ...

Literacy, Ideology, and Dialogue

This is the first scholarly examination of the use of dialogic theory and pedagogy by scholars and teachers of writing. Dialogic methods have become extremely important to many different approaches to ...

False Fixes

This book examines recent efforts to rid society of addictions and finds them wanting. The author examines everyday addictive patterns within modernist and postmodernist cultures and provides practical ...

Paulo Freire on Higher Education

Dedicated to a transformation of education so that it becomes an instrument of liberation rather than oppression, Freire discusses in unprecedented depth the implications and consequences of his pedagogical ...

Reading Paulo Freire

This book was written as Paulo Freire himself would have done it, using a method of learning through victories and defeats in the same way one learns in life. The author follows a chronological line in ...

Inquiry and Reflection

Inquiry and Reflection shows how stories of schooling can elucidate difficult, and unexamined problems facing teachers. While professional texts tend to raise issues of power and its distribution and ...

What Schools Can Do

This book is organized around three themes: mechanisms of domination and control; pedagogies of possibility; and theory as critique. It links education with an analysis of politics and economics, and ...

Curriculum for Utopia

This book examines the relationship between contemporary forms of critical theory and social reconstructionism, as they relate and contribute to the construction of a radical theory of education. It illustrates ...

Media Knowledge

This book calls for a way of reading and responding to the media culture that is more than passive reception. It argues for the fostering of critical citizenship as the key to engaging, debating, and ...

Elementary Schooling for Critical Democracy

This book examines the way in which elementary schooling can be used as a means to encourage critical democracy in the United States. It focuses primarily on the dialectical tensions and issues that emerge ...

Inside Nursing

By exploring and analyzing the experiences and impressions of nurses, Annette Fay Street provides an intimate account of clinical practice and what those experiences mean in the profession. She highlights ...

Transforming Power

This book is about power — power in the classroom, in our schools, and in our society. Schools, teachers, students, and teaching exist in a churning cauldron of interrelated institutions and social ...