Urban Education with an Attitude

Edited by Lauri Johnson, Mary E. Finn, and Rebecca Lewis

Subjects: Urban Education, Teacher Education, Multicultural Education, Education Policy And Leadership
Paperback : 9780791463802, 234 pages, March 2005
Hardcover : 9780791463796, 234 pages, March 2005

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Table of contents

Mary H. Gresham

Introduction: Linking Theory, Practice, and Community in Urban School Reform
Lauri Johnson, Mary E. Finn, and Rebecca Lewis

Call to Action: Promoting Educational Equity in Urban School Reform

1. The Racial Achievement Gap: How Can We Assure an Equity of Outcomes?
Pedro Noguera

2. Things to Come: Teachers' Work and Urban School Reform
Dennis Carlson

3. Court-Ordered Reform of New York State School Aid
Michael A. Rebell

4. Connecting Community Development and Urban School Reform
Henry Louis Taylor Jr.

Linking Urban Schools to Their Communities

5. Creating Small Urban Schools: Expeditionary Learning as School Reform
Greg Farrell and Michael J. McCarthy

6. Why the Arts Matter in Our Schools
Arnold Aprill

7. Art: An Educational Link Between School and Community
Mathias J. Schergen

8. City Voices, City Visions: Digital Video as Literacy/Learning Supertool in Urban Classrooms
Suzanne M. Miller and Suzanne Borowicz

Reforming Teacher Education to Improve Urban Education

9. Teaching to Change the World
Jeannie Oakes

10. Community Walk-About: Finding the Hope in Hopelessness
Ann Marie Lauricella

11. Transforming Urban Education through the Massachusetts Coalition for Teacher Quality and Student Achievement
Dennis Shirley

University Partnerships for Parent Empowerment

12. Giving Voice to Urban Parents: Using a Community-Based Survey to Leverage School Reform
Lauri Johnson

13. Structural Barriers and School Reform: The Perceptions of a Group of Working-Class Parents
Gillian S. Richardson

14. Workshops with an Attitude
Patrick J. Finn, Lauri Johnson, and Mary E. Finn


Teachers, community activists, and parents acknowledge and applaud democratic educational systems that establish partnerships between universities and the urban communities they serve.


This book profiles local and national efforts to transform urban education and reinvent urban teacher preparation. It describes real programs in real urban schools that have developed policy initiatives that promote educational equity, community-based curricula, and teacher education and parent empowerment programs that emphasize democratic collaboration among universities, urban teachers, parents, and community members. By involving all stakeholders, this comprehensive approach provides a model for creating urban schools that not only excite and inspire, but also serve as engines for social change. Contending that urban education reform will fail without public engagement and a commitment to social justice, the contributors challenge urban educators to become accountable to their students and the communities they serve.

At the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Lauri Johnson is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy and coauthor (with Sally Smith) of Dealing with Diversity through Multicultural Fiction: Library-Classroom Partnerships, and Mary E. Finn is former Director of the Urban Education Institute. Rebecca Lewis is Interim Assistant Provost of International Programs at the State University of New York College at Geneseo.