Crisis in Teaching

Perspectives on Current Reforms

Edited by Lois Weis, Philip G. Altbach, Gail P. Kelly, Hugh G. Petrie, and Sheila Slaughter

Subjects: Teacher Education
Series: SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
Paperback : 9780887068201, 289 pages, January 1989
Hardcover : 9780887068195, 289 pages, January 1989

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There is a real need for a clear analysis and investigation of what the "crisis" in teaching actually is. By exploring the definition of the teaching crisis, investigating the evidence for its existence and reforms proposed to "solve" it, and studying the possible effects of proposed reforms, the authors of Crisis in Teaching address this need. Their work constitutes one of the first sustained and critical analyses of teachers and teaching in the contemporary situation. The authors, among the nation's leading critical thinkers in the field of education, reflect a variety of perspectives as they attempt to unravel the current rhetoric of crisis and question solutions that are, in effect, too often simplistic and superficial in their analyses and proposals.

Lois Weis is Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies, State University of New York, Buffalo. Philip G. Altbach is Professor and Director of the Comparative Education Center, State University of New York, Buffalo. Gail P. Kelly is Professor in and Chair of the Department of Educational Organization, Administration and Policy, State University of New York, Buffalo.


"Without discussions such as these that engender debate about educational 'must do's,' the field would be completely controlled by a handful of report writers and educational commissions. Debate and discussion enable differing viewpoints to be heard and encourage critical assessment and analysis of any recommendation." — Lin Goodwin, Teachers College, Columbia University