Women's Education in the Third World

Comparative Perspectives

Edited by Gail P. Kelly & Carolyn M. Elliott

Subjects: Women's Studies, Third World Studies
Paperback : 9780873956208, 406 pages, June 1983
Hardcover : 9780873956192, 406 pages, June 1983

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Table of contents


1. Orientations Toward the Study of Women's Education in the Third World
Gail P. Kelly and Carolyn M. Elliott

Part One: Factors Affecting Women's Access to Education

2. The Participation of Women in Education in the Third World
Mary Jean Bowman and C. Arnold Anderson

3. Educating Girls in Tunisia: Issues Generated by the Drive for Universal Enrollment
Marie Thourson Jones

4. Social Origins and Sex-differential Schooling in the Philippines
Peter C. Smith and Paul P. L. Cheung

5. Sex and Ethnic Differences in Educational Investment in Malaysis: The Effect of Reward Structures
Bee-Lan Chan Wang

6. Lack of Time as an Obstacle to Women's Education: The Case of Upper Volta
Brenda Gael McSweeney and Marion Freedman

Part Two: Educational Practices and Differential Male/Female Outcomes

7. Sex Differences in Educational Attainment: The Process
Jeremy D. Finn, Janet Reis, and Loretta Dulberg

8. Church, State and Education in Belgian Africa: Implications for Contemporary Third World Women
Barbara A. Yates

9. An Action-Research Project on Universal Primary Education: The Plan and the Process
Chitra Naik

10. Images of Men and Women in Indian Textbooks
Narendra Nath Kalia

11. The Impact of Western Schools on Girls' Expectations: A Togolese Case
Karen Coffyn Biraimah

Part Three: Outcomes of Women's Schooling: Women and Work

12. Sex Differences in the Labor Market Outcomes of Education
Rati Ram

13. Women, Schooling and Work in Chile: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study
Ernesto Schiefelbein and Joseph P. Farrell

14. Women, Work and Science in India
Maithreyi Krishna Raj

15. The Impact of Education on the Female Labor Force in Argentina and Paraguay
Catalina H. Wainerman

Part Four: Outcomes of Women's Schooling: The Family

16. Influences of Women's Schooling on Maternal Behavior in the Third World
Robert A. Le Vine

17. Education and Fertility: An Expanded Examination of the Evidence
Susan H. Cochrane

18. New Directions for Research
Carolyn M. Elliott and Gail P. Kelly

Women and Schooling in the Third World: A Bibliography
David H. Kelly and Gail P. Kelly




Gail Kelly and Carolyn Elliott have assembled the latest and best available scholarship from a range of disciplines to illuminate the determinants, nature, and outcomes of women's education in third World nations. This study focuses on the undereducation of women in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, delving into its causes, changes in female education patterns and the significance of these changes to societies and to women's lives. Articles in this volume lay the foundation for further research by examining women's schooling from the novel perspective that the social and economic outcomes of women's education are shaped by gender-sex systems that subordinate women to men.

Gail P. Kelly is Associate Professor in the Department of Social, Philosophical and Historical Foundations, Faculty of Education, at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is also associate editor of the Comparative Education Review. A former director of the Wellesley College Center for Women in Higher Education and the Professions, Carolyn M. Elliott is with the Ford Foundation in New Delhi, India.


"This volume represents the best in comparative education. It makes use of scholarship and insights from a number of social science disciplines; it reflects an intellectual coherence. It focuses on education as a key issue in understanding Third World women, but the volume has relevance beyond the field of education. And it reflects the latest scholarship that is available. " — Philip G. Altbach, Comparative Education Center, State University of New York at Buffalo.